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1820-1860 Review.

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1 Review

2 What were the 3 parts of the Missouri Compromise?

3 Missouri became a slave state
Maine became a free state Louisiana Territory was divided at the 36 degree, 30 minute parallel; north of the line must be free territory; south of the line could be slave territory

4 What were the key points of the Compromise of 1850?

5 California became a free state
Stronger fugitive slave law Abolished the slave trade, but not slavery itself, in the District of Columbia Created the Utah and New Mexico territories without mentioning slavery

6 What was popular sovereignty?
The people of a territory would decide whether they wanted slavery

7 Identify the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

8 Created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska
Said popular sovereignty would decide slavery in both Kansas and Nebraska Since both Kansas and Nebraska were north of the Missouri Compromise line, the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the Missouri Compromise

9 What effect did the Kansas-Nebraska Act have on the Missouri Compromise?
The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the Missouri Compromise.

10 What political party was formed in opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
The Republican Party

11 What broke out in the Kansas Territory?
Civil war between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers

12 What adjective was used to describe Kansas in the mid-1850s?
Bleeding Kansas

13 What was the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case?

14 Since Dred Scott was a slave, he could not sue in federal court
African-Americans were not citizens of the United States Since Congress had no power to prohibit slavery in the territories, the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional

15 What did the Dred Scott decision say about the Missouri Compromise?
The Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional.

16 What power did the Supreme Court use in Dred Scott v. Sandford?
The power of judicial review

17 In Dred Scott v. Sandford did the Supreme Court rule that Scott should remain a slave or gain his freedom? Remain a slave

18 Which section liked the Dred Scott decision, the North or the South?

19 Which group(s) liked the Dred Scott decision?
Abolitionists? Republicans? Slaves? Slaveholders?

20 Slaveholders

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