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Short Term Causes of the Civil War

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1 Short Term Causes of the Civil War

2 Setting the Stage In 1819 there are 11 Free States in the North and 11 Slave States in the South Representation in Congress is balanced BUT… New states wanted to be added should they be free or slave? Which side will get more power in government?

3 Missouri Compromise Developed by Henry Clay
Tried to keep balance between number of free and slave states in govt. (wanted same number of representatives) Missouri was added as slave state Maine was added as a free state Imaginary line drawn at 36’30 (north of line was free territory, south of line was slave)

4 Missouri Compromise

5 Compromise of 1850 California wanted to enter as free state- this would upset the balance in govt. Compromise allowed California to enter as a free state Utah and New Mexico use popular sovereignty (vote) on slavery Slave trade in Washington D.C. would be ended- no new slaves imported Strict Fugitive Slave law to capture runaway slaves

6 Compromise of 1850

7 Fugitive Slave Act Made it a crime to help runaway slaves and allowed police to arrest suspected fugitive slaves Slaves not allowed to testify at their own trial Judges paid more to find slaves guilty ($5 innocent, $10 guilty)

8 Fugitive Slave Act

9 Kansas-Nebraska Divided land into states Kansas and Nebraska
Each state would vote on whether or not to allow slavery Elections were corrupt and violent “Bleeding Kansas” Bloodshed over slavery issues- predicts the battles of the civil war

10 Kansas-Nebraska Act

11 Bleeding Kansas

12 Dred Scott Slave that moved with his owner to the free state Wisconsin
When his owner died, Dred Scott sued for his freedom Supreme Court ruled that slaves were not citizens, had no legal rights Unconstitutional to prevent slavery- govt. could not control a person’s property

13 Dred Scott

14 Election of 1860 Lincoln wins presidential election- would not end slavery, but would not allow it to expand to new states South worried about way of life and began secession- formally leaving the country South Carolina first to leave, followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana

15 Election of 1860

16 Abraham Lincoln

17 Secession

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