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Causes of the Civil War-History Alive

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1 Causes of the Civil War-History Alive
Missouri Compromise 1820 Chapter , pages Compromise of 1850 Chapter , pages Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 Pages Dred Scott Decision 1857 Pages

2 Compromise and Conflict
Missouri Compromise 1820 Should states join the Union as free or slave states? Compromise of 1850 Should territories make political decisions (popular sovereignty)? Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 Why was it called Bleeding Kansas? Dred Scott Decision 1857 How did this court decision for one man’s situation affect the North and the South?

3 Missouri Compromise 1820 Missouri – join as a slave state
Maine – join as a free state Imaginary line to separate North (free states) from South (slave states) Developed by Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky (also known as the Great Compromiser)

4 Compromise of 1850 California –free
Territories of Utah and New Mexico will decide for themselves Fugitive Slave Law - law passed as part of the compromise ordering citizens to help catch fugitives (person running away) Many northerners refused to obey the law Slaves had to be returned to slavery

5 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe
She was against the Fugitive Slave Act Sold 300,000 copies in one year Caused further divisions between the North and the South

6 Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 Developed by Stephen Douglass
Reversed the Missouri Compromise No more imaginary line to separate North and South, free or slave States will decide for themselves (vote) Both sides rushed to Kansas to vote Resulted in Bleeding Kansas (fighting)

7 Dred Scott Decision 1857 Dred Scott asked the court for freedom
Congress said cannot keep slavery out of the territories (this angered Northerners) Declaration of Independence didn’t mean “all men are created equal” Blacks have no rights Scott must remain a slave

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