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The Road To CPA Licensure Presented by: Tennessee State Board of Accountancy.

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1 The Road To CPA Licensure Presented by: Tennessee State Board of Accountancy

2 First Consideration The designation of “certified public accountant” shall be granted to persons: of good moral character who meet requirements for Education Experience Examination

3 Definition: Good Moral Character Lack of a history of dishonest or felonious acts

4 Education Baccalaureate Degree – major in Accounting is not required 150 successfully completed semester hours 30 in Accounting 24 at Junior or higher level 24 in General Business 12 at Junior or higher level

5 Beginning Testing Before Coursework Completed Must Complete Coursework within 200 days of completing 1 st part of exam Extension of 200 days may be granted by Board for extenuating circumstance(s)

6 Players In the CPA Exam AICPA Designs, Prepares and Scores Exam NASBA Evaluates Credentials and Approves Candidates to Sit for Exam Prometric Provides Scheduling and Physical Facilities for Exam

7 CPA Examination CPAES (CPA Examination Services) Receives Application for Examination Reviews and Confirms Education Requirements Processes and Receives Fees for Examination Provides Permission to Schedule Examinations Processes Special Accommodations Distributes Score Notices

8 CPAES Continued After deeming candidate eligible to sit for exam – CPAES sends ATT (Authorization to Test) to NASBA NASBA then checks the NCD (National Candidate Database) to ensure candidate is not applying in multiple jurisdictions Once ATT is completed, NCD generates NTS (Notice to Schedule)

9 What CPAES Needs from You Completed Application 2x2 Picture Fee for Application 1 st time application $155.00 – doesn’t include test fees Official Transcript(s) Foreign Evaluation – if applicable Authorization for Interstate Exchange if part of exam completed in another jurisdiction





14 Costs of Testing Each Exam AUD - $230.55 BEC - $180.95 FAR - $218.15 REG - $193.35 Retest – Need New NTS One part - $70 + Test Fee Two parts - $85 + Test Fees Three Parts - $100 + Test Fees Four Parts - $115 + Test Fees

15 What Candidate Can Expect from CPAES Notice of Deficiencies – if present Notice to Schedule (NTS) – has expiration date

16 Examination Schedules Testing Months (Windows) January & February April & May July & August October & November Other months (March, June, September and December) are quiet months Exams Updated Scoring Completed

17 Scheduling Schedule as far ahead as possible Attempting to schedule late in the second month of a “window” may result in no seats available

18 Passing Scores Auditing & Attestation – 75 Business Environment & Concepts – 75 Financial Accounting & Reporting – 75 Regulation – 75 14 Hour Exam

19 Ethics Examination Must score 90% or better Online Examination Offered by – AICPA TSCPA When applying for Ethics Examination - must let providers know where to send scores

20 Application for State Licensure Both CPAES and AICPA/TSCPA submit examination scores to TNSBA (Tennessee State Board of Accountancy) When both scores received at TNSBA a CPA application is mailed to candidate at the address provided by the ethics exam provider

21 TNSBA Application Process Actual Application for Licensure In TN is ONE Page Long Identifying Information Current Employment Information Questions Concerning Felony, Fraud and Discipline by Any Professional Organization Statement Indicating You Have Read Laws & Rules of Accountancy Board Experience Confirmation


23 Why Such a Brief TN Application CPAES provides the following to TNSBA after Successful Completion of CPA Exam Actual application to CPAES for Exam Candidate Eligibility Summary History of Exam Sittings and Scores Transcripts Therefore, TN already has a lot of information about you





28 Actual Approval Process Completed File is Reviewed by TNSBA Executive Director If Approved – Letter of Congratulations is Generated and Mailed Wall Certificate (Suitable for Framing Document) is Requested

29 Actual Wall Certificate The blank form is generated and sent to calligrapher for licensee name, certificate number and date of issue to be entered Form comes back from calligrapher Form is individually signed by Board members and Executive Director Board meets quarterly Wall certificate is mailed to licensee

30 What to Expect to Keep Your License Your license will show a license expiration date – take note You must renew your license before it expires You will be sent a postcard to remind you to renew your license The postcard will be sent to your last mailing address of record filed with TNSBA

31 Basic License Renewal Requirements Pay license renewal fee Complete Continuing Professional Education

32 In Closing: The Accounting Profession offers many opportunities. Licensed professionals assume many different positions in company management as well as in government. And, of course in public practice. Protect your license! Know the Laws and Rules of the state in which you are licensed. Use the State Board of Accountancy to answer any questions you may have – we are there to assist you.

33 Questions?

34 Thank you for your time and attention! Feel free to contact us: Telephone: 615-741-2550 E-Mail:

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