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The Road to Certification Understanding and planning for the completion of your Texas teacher certification requirements.

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1 The Road to Certification Understanding and planning for the completion of your Texas teacher certification requirements.

2 Certification Requirements vs. Degree Requirements  Meeting degree requirements will award you a bachelor’s degree.  Meeting certification requirements will award you a teaching certificate.  The academic coursework and field experience requirements for teacher certification are met through the completion of your degree plan or post-baccalaureate certification plan.

3 Certification Requirements vs. Degree Requirements  Additional certification requirements: Completion of the Educator Preparation Program Certification exams taken and passed Degree completed Teaching certificate application on SBEC website At this point, ASU can recommend you for your certificate. SBEC will certify you based on our recommendation and completion of a national background check.

4 Educator Preparation Program (EPP)  When you have completed at least 60 SCH, you must apply for admission to the ASU Educator Preparation Program.  Instructions and a link to the online application may be found at pplication.html  You must be admitted into the EPP before you can be approved to take any certification exams.

5 Educator Preparation Program (EPP)  At the time of application for the Educator Preparation Program, all applicants must have completed: 1. Between 60 SCH and 75 SCH with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50, and 2. The course work to demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, communication, and critical thinking.

6 Educator Preparation Program (EPP)  All course work used to demonstrate proficiency must have a grade of C or better. The student must have completed the following: To demonstrate Reading proficiency - History 1301 and 1302 or Government 2301 and 2302 To demonstrate Writing proficiency - English 1301, 1302 To demonstrate Mathematics proficiency - Mathematics 1302 or an equivalent course To demonstrate Communications proficiency: Communication 2301 or 2331

7 Educator Preparation Program (EPP)  All applicants will be asked to sign a Disposition Statement regarding appropriate educator behaviors.  All applicants must possess sound physical health, sound mental health, and acceptable moral character. The Admission Committee may require the student to undergo physical and/or psychiatric evaluation.

8 Certification Exams  You must pass at least two certification exams Content Area - All candidates Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) - All candidates Foreign Language candidates must also pass the TOPT

9 Content Area Exam  Approval to take this exam comes from your academic major department. When you are near completion of your major coursework, contact that department.  Some departments require you to pass departmental level tests or attend preparation workshops before they will give approval.  Your department will notify the Certification Office in the College of Education when you are approved to take the test.

10 PPR Exam  You will take the level of PPR exam that corresponds with the certificate you are seeking: EC-4, 4-8, 8-12, or All- Level.  You are automatically approved to take the PPR when you begin student teaching.  You will be given registration instructions during student teaching orientation.  If you pass your content area test AND have taken all of your education coursework, you may qualify to take the PPR prior to student teaching. See the Director of Certification to complete a form requesting early approval.

11 Certification Exams ***ATTENTION STUDENTS REQUIRING ACCOMODATIONS*** If you need special testing accommodations, be sure to contact the Director of Certification (Carr/EFA #109) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. There are detailed procedures that must be followed to grant those accommodations and the process can take several weeks.

12 Applying for Certification  It is best to wait until you are in your student teaching semester to apply for your teaching certificate.  You will apply and pay for your fingerprinting process at the same time you apply and pay for your teaching certificate.

13 Fingerprinting  Two options: ink-based and electronic.  Electronic is highly recommended. After you apply and pay for your fingerprinting, you will receive an email from SBEC with further instructions on how to schedule a fingerprint appointment. San Angelo has electronic fingerprinting appointments available.

14 Certification Expenses  Certification Exams - $82 each  Application for Teaching Certificate - $77  Fingerprinting Fee (SBEC) - $47  Fingerprinting Fee (actual taking of fingerprints) - $10

15 Planning for Student Teaching  You MUST attend a Student Teaching Application Meeting the semester PRIOR to student teaching.  It is highly recommended you do not work during student teaching so plan your financial strategy now.  Student teaching is ALL day so you will not be able to take other coursework unless it is an evening class and you have special permission.  You may contact the Office of Field Experiences if you have questions - 942-2052, ext. 268.

16 Additional Information - Certificate Renewal  Teaching certificates must be renewed every 5 years.  You are required to keep track of any Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours you acquire through professional development workshops, courses, etc. For a list of approved CPE work, visit www.sbec.state.tx.  It is your responsibility to renew your certificate. Do not let your certificate expire or you will have to re-test.

17 Additional Information- Adding Teaching Areas  Once you are initially certified, you can add teaching areas by challenging the TExES test for that area.  You will not have to take an additional PPR.  After passing the test, you will need to apply for “Additional Certification by Exam.”

18 Additional Certification Help  For more detailed information about teacher certification, visit and click on “Certification Handbook.”  If you have additional questions, please contact Cindy Pond at 942-2209 or via email at

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