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Please note: Our website changes periodically. The screen and link examples in this presentation may appear slightly differently. Harford County Public.

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2 Please note: Our website changes periodically. The screen and link examples in this presentation may appear slightly differently. Harford County Public Schools’ Online Teaching Application can be accessed from our home page Look for Career Opportunities, click on Online Employment Application, then click on Click Here to Access the Online Employment Application. Here to Access the Online Employment Application

3 The Online Application lists all regular teaching positions regardless of current openings, so you can apply for any position at any time. Applications are accepted all year. The system is normally available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Page through the job titles until you see the position that you would like to apply for and click on the job title or the Apply button. You may also Search Job Postings by keying in part of the job name.

4 After clicking on the job title, click on Apply for this Position.

5 If you already have a user name and password use them to log in, otherwise create a new account and apply.

6 Our Online Application offers many advantages over paper applications. We hope that you will find it convenient and easy to use. Simply follow the instructions on each screen. Required fields are indicated. If something is missing or incorrect, you will get an error message. You do not need to complete the entire application in one sitting. Note - Incomplete applications are NOT visible for consideration. Confirmation emails are sent to applicants for each successfully submitted application.

7 Helpful Tips for a Better Application…

8 Please provide an Alternate (cell) Telephone number as well as your home telephone number.

9 Please enter all fields pertaining to your education, including your GPA.

10  Resume and Cover Letter contents can be cut and pasted into the appropriate sections on the Resume & Cover Letter page. They are not required to submit an online application. They can be added at a later time.  The attachments page can be used for additional documents such as additional transcripts, Praxis/test scores, Certificates, etc.  Please note: documents must be one of the acceptable file types listed. Attachments:

11  Three professional references are required. Enter a minimum of 3 people who can attest to your teaching skills. Do not list family members, friends, or personal acquaintances as references.  Please provide email addresses for your references. References will be sent an email containing a link to an online reference survey automatically when applications are submitted.  Recent graduates and student teachers: it is advisable to use your mentor teachers and college advisor/supervisor as references.  Letters of recommendation can be attached in the place provided. They cannot be substituted for or used in place of the HCPS reference survey/form.  Please inform your references to expect an email containing a link to a quick and easy reference survey. From: Subject: Reference Check from Harford County Public Schools  Some recipients could receive this email in their Junk mailbox. References are very important.

12 Updating your application(s): To update any information on your application(s), log into the Online Application; click on the Profile tab; and click on Update Certified Profile. Go through the pages and make any modifications. Click on Save and Continue at the bottom of each page. Changes will be applied to all applications that you have submitted. Always be sure to save your information and click on Log Out when you are finished.

13  Click on the Application Status tab (you must be signed in). Checking the Status of Your Applications

14  Spring graduate applications should be submitted by the end of March. Fall semester graduates should submit their applications between the end of October and the beginning of November.  If possible, please submit a resume with your application.  Applications can be submitted prior to having your student teaching evaluations and Praxis scores; those items can be added as you receive them.  Three professional references are required.  Do not use friends and family for references. Use professional references who can attest to your teaching skills. It is advisable to use mentor teachers and college advisors/supervisors.  Letters of recommendation are accepted and can be attached but cannot be used in lieu of our reference survey forms.  In the Certification Information/Professional Certificate Details section of the Online Teaching Application, specify pending completion of degree or program unless you have teaching certification from another state or in another teaching area.  Please provide us with an email address that you will check. You may want to provide a personal email address in your contact information instead of your school email address as your school email address may expire after graduation.  When submitting an application, it is okay to attach an unofficial transcript. When we are ready to hire you, we will need an official transcript indicating that you have received your degree from a university with an accredited teacher education program.  To apply for an additional position, you will not need to re-enter any information. Previously entered information will appear after clicking on the job title and logging in (using the same user name and password).  Please update your application and keep your information current. This is especially important for your contact information. Points to remember when submitting your Online Application:

15  Student teachers will have a screening interview with Human Resources before the conclusion of their final assignment in Harford County.  Secondary teachers will complete a content area specific interview with a content supervisor in addition to the HR interview.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact the Staffing Department at 410-588-5238. Online help is also available in the application. Special Notes for Student Teachers

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