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February 2014 What is a CNL ® ? The Clinical Nurse Leader SM (CNL) is a fast emerging nursing role developed by the American Association of Colleges.

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2 February 2014

3 What is a CNL ® ? The Clinical Nurse Leader SM (CNL) is a fast emerging nursing role developed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. O The CNL is a master’s prepared clinician certified by the Commission on Nurse Certification. O In practice, the CNL oversees care coordination and actively provides direct patient care in complex situations. O The CNL puts evidence-based practice into action to ensure patients benefit from the latest innovations in care delivery. O The CNL evaluates patient outcomes, assesses cohort risk, and has the decision-making authority to change care plans when necessary. O The CNL is a leader in the healthcare delivery system.

4 What does a CNL ® do? A CNL improves patient care by focusing on:  leadership  patient outcomes  care environment  management Role functions of the CNL include:  advocate  team manager  information manager  systems analyst/risk  anticipator  clinician  outcomes manager  educator Developed by Oklahoma University College of Nursing

5 What is CNL certification? O CNL certification is a unique credential that recognizes graduates of Clinical Nurse Leader programs who have demonstrated accepted standards of practice. O The CNL mark of excellence promotes safe, quality practice through ongoing requirements for personal and professional growth.

6 What entity oversees CNL certification? The CNL Certification Program is managed by the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC), an autonomous arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

7 About CNC The CNC name was established in October 2007; previously called the CNL Certification Advisory Board – first board members were appointed August 2007. Mission: To oversee CNL certification activities in order to assure communities of interest that certificants have met accepted standards of practice.

8 CNC Goals CNC promotes high quality patient care through the certification of qualified individuals by: O Recognizing formally those individuals who meet the eligibility requirements of the certification program and pass the examination. O Encouraging continued personal and professional growth in one’s practice. O Providing a national standard of requisite knowledge and experience required for certification, thereby assisting communities of interest in the assessment of certificants.

9 CNC Governance CNC is governed by a Board of Commissioners – nine voting members :  Four members from the practice setting  Four members from the educational setting  One consumer/public member

10 Why Certification? Certification is voluntary and serves to: O Demonstrate a commitment to the profession O Indicate that an individual has acquired knowledge beyond RN licensure O Recognize that an individual has demonstrated standards and knowledge of the profession O Assure the public that the CNL is well prepared for safe practice O Promote lifelong learning through renewal requirements

11 Program Facts O CNL Certification Program piloted November 2006 O More than 3,000 certified CNLs O More than 90 schools of nursing have served as a CNL exam site O More than 100 schools of nursing offer a CNL education program

12 Program Facts O The CNL Certification Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. O The Program meets national standards for a valid and reliable certification process including: development, implementation, maintenance, and governance. O The five-year accreditation period ends January 31, 2019.

13 Certification Eligibility O Registered Nurse licensure O Graduation from a CNL master’s or post- master’s education program O Waiver for faculty of existing CNL education programs (expires December 31, 2016) O Successful completion of certification exam NOTE: Students may sit for the exam in their last semester and prior to RN licensure.

14 Exam Site Registration Program responsibilities: O Review Program Checklist O Submit the School of Nursing CNL Education Program Verification Form O Select exam date within CNC testing period O Submit the Site Registration form to CNC O Notify examinee(s) of exam date/time and location

15 Certification Application Process O Candidate must meet eligibility requirements O Candidate submits online application with payment ($345 initial fee; $410 if using a testing center) O Candidate submits supporting documents – Standards of Conduct, Education Eligibility Form O Candidate confirms exam date, time, and location with faculty contact

16 Certification Exam O Based upon a CNL job analysis study O Computer-based O Approximately 150 multiple choice items (includes approximately 130 scored items; approximately 20 pre-test items) O 3 hour time limit O Administered at the school of nursing or a testing center

17 CNL Renewal Requirements O Renew once every five years; submit application with payment ($295) O RN licensure O Professional practice (2,000 hours of advanced general practice; employment in a CNL role is not required) O Minimum of 50 contact hours/continuing education that support the CNL role O Documentation (if audited) NOTE: Retesting is not required.

18 O AACN’s CNL Certification Exam Review Course O CNL Certification Exam Handbook O CNL Self Assessment Exam O AACN’s Competencies and Curricular Expectations for Clinical Nurse Leader Education and Practice O CNL Job Analysis Study O Recommended Reading List O CNL Online Discussion Board Resource Materials

19 AACN/CNC CNL Online Discussion Boards The CNL Community Nurses Lounge

20 Promotion: O YouTube Video- Defining the Certified Clinical Nurse Leader O Brochures (Contact CNC) O CNL Merchandise O CNL Wall of Fame

21 CNC Staff Shantal Hall CNC Director 202-463-6930, ext. 242 Dana Reid, ACA CNC Coordinator 202-463-6930, ext. 226 General Email:

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