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By: Susan Velasquez-Perez Kaila Muniz Tuyet-Kha Nguyen.

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1 By: Susan Velasquez-Perez Kaila Muniz Tuyet-Kha Nguyen

2 In the United States of America, illegal immigration is a huge problem. Illegal immigration is “the entering of a country without formal permission.” The government wants to put more regulations on our borders and make it harder for people to come to America. We feel that is wrong and that everyone has the right to be free and be happy. If these people want to live here in America, we, Americans, should allow these them to.

3 To solve this problem, we should put less restrictions on our borders. We are not saying that anyone can come in whenever they feel like it but, just make the naturalization process easier and faster for immigrants coming to America. Also, if these immigrants are already living here and have children, they can not be deported under any circumstances. These people came here to have a better life and we should respect them. After these immigrants are naturalized, they will have to pay taxes and be treated like any other U.S citizen. To pay for these tests and workers, American taxes will have to be increased. Our people are already paying too much but, it is the right thing to do.

4 Dear President Obama, We are students from Seaford, DE and are addressing problems in the United States. We learned that the government wants to make laws punishing illegal immigrants. We believe, that as Latinos and Asian citizens of the United States, this is wrong. America was never based on one race or nation. We are all immigrants. The U.S Constitution, states that everyone, no matter who they are, has the right to be free. When our ancestors came by boat from all over the world, they were welcomed to America. Many illegal immigrants “work under the table” to feed their children and support their families. They are not taking the jobs of American citizens; they are taking the jobs that we do not want. What is wrong about that? Why are these immigrants punished when they work harder than most Americans and do not punish those who pay them? America is supposed to be the land of the free, but why don’t we let it be the home of the free? The U.S constitution applies to all people, even illegal immigrants. To solve this problem, we researched some solutions. First, we read about the DREAM Act, but to us this act is inadequate. This act gives sixteen year olds a greater chance of becoming U.S citizens. However, at sixteen, you really can’t do much, but work. Buying a house is out of the question since you are not old enough. This act does not apply to all immigrants and that is wrong. Age should not matter when discussing illegal immigrants. We have a better idea. We call it the Immigration Act of 2011. This act gives all immigrants, no matter what age a chance to become legal U.S citizens. It places fewer restrictions on our borders and creates easier and faster methods to help these immigrants become legalized. This act also protects children and families who are already living here too. It gives them the same services as new immigrants and the right to not be deported. After these people are naturalized, they will have to pay taxes like regular citizens. The people of America can pay for these services to help these immigrants. Our people are already paying too much but it is for a good cause. It is the right thing to do.

5 Please consider this idea at your next meeting. It could really help immigrants and make America a better place. If you agree or disagree to this idea please contact us and let us know. It would mean a lot to us. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Kaila Muniz Tuyet-Kha Nguyen Susan Velasquez-Perez

6 President Barrack Obama Ph# (202) 456-1414 E-mail president@whitehouse. gov president@whitehouse. gov 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N. W. Washington, D.C. 20500 Tom Carper 513 Hart Building, Washington, D.C 205 U.S Representative John Carney (302)-744-4181 http://johncarney.hous Why We Wrote It To Them We Wrote it to these people because this problem should be addressed on a national level and not on a state level. It affects our nation and not just our community.

7 Chris Coons Address: Chris Coons P.O. Box 9900 Newark, DE 19714 E-mail:

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