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Learning Target: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

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1 Learning Target: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

2  Many of the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are contained in the Bill of Rights. This document was written in 1789 and contains the first ten amendments to the Constitution.  Many countries have a Constitution based in part  on the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

3  RIGHT: a freedom  RESPONSIBILITY: something you should do for the common good  VOTE: make a official choice

4  In some countries, many children cannot go to school. In the United States, children are free to go to public school. The freedom to learn brings with it the duty to learn. Name a classroom job or responsibility that you do or have. What would the classroom be like if no one did their job?

5  Freedom of Religion: citizens can practice any religion they believe; or no religion at all  Freedom of Assembly: citizens can meet together whenever they want  Freedom to Own Property: Americans can own a piece of land or a house  Freedom of the Press Do you think these freedoms are valuable? Why or why not?

6 There are LIMITS to our Freedoms RIGHTSRESPONSIBILITIES Say what you think (Freedom of Speech) Vote for Leaders Be Protected by the LAW Trial by JURY Practice Religion

7  How are rights and responsibilities different from one another?  In what ways can knowing your responsibilities help benefit your community?

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