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ORAL, HEAD & NECK CANCER AWARENESS WEEK ® April 12 th – 18 th, 2015.

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1 ORAL, HEAD & NECK CANCER AWARENESS WEEK ® April 12 th – 18 th, 2015

2 mouth, throat, voice box, thyroid, ear, Any tumor that grows in the mouth, throat, voice box, thyroid, ear, nose, or neck These tumors can cause problems with breathing, eating, talking, and can even change the way you look FOREVER *CAUTION: some photos may be frightening* *CAUTION: some photos may be frightening* (you do not have to look) What is Head and Neck Cancer?

3 What does Head and Neck Cancer Look Like?

4 How Common is Head and Neck Cancer? Approximately 50,000 new cases in U.S. every year! (100,000 when you include thyroid) 14,000 people will DIE THIS year. That means at least 1 person will die every hour, 24 hours a day! The top 5 leading states in head and neck cancer cases and deaths in the US, in order are: CA, FL, TX, NY & PA

5 What Causes Head and Neck Cancer? Tobacco Products Responsible for 85% of all Head & Neck Cancer

6 TOBACCO PRODUCTS Cigarette smoking increases your risk by 15 times compared to a non-smoker Chew/dip/smoke-less tobacco increases your risk of head & neck cancer 4 times DIP/CHEW is VERY ADDICTIVE…3x’s as much nicotine as cigarettes One can of snuff has as much nicotine as 60 cigarettes!!!!!!

7 REALITY CHECK Tobacco companies would like you to believe that using tobacco is cool and attractive, BUT the reality is far from cool or sexy…. MYTH of Joe Camel REALITY of Joe Camel VS.


9 You Could Be Next…. 13 years old – Tried dip for the first time on a camping trip 17 years old - Got diagnosed with oral cancer 35 – Number of surgeries he has had since then

10 Classroom Activities Cost of Tobacco Use

11 Causes of Head and Neck Cancer Excessive Alcohol Use ***When used with Tobacco you have an even GREATER risk!

12 HPV associated H&N Cancers Increasing incidence Young, Non-Smokers Tonsil/Base of Tongue High risk strains often sexually transmitted (>95% due to HPV 16 same virus responsible for cervical cancer) Very aggressive, prevention is key!!

13 Other Causes of Head and Neck Cancer Gender – Men 2-3x’s > than women Race – African Americans at greatest risk Age - > 40 years Sun Exposure Poor Oral Hygiene Poorly Fitting Dentures Poor Nutrition (low in vitamins A & B) Environmental/Occupational Hazards Epstein-Barr Virus Exposure to Secondhand Smoke!!!!!

14 Where Can You Find Head and Neck Cancers?

15 Head and Neck Cancers tend to grow in areas where tobacco/alcohol have the most contact….. Where cigarettes sit on the lip….

16 Where the dip sits in your mouth

17 Where the smoke blows….in your throat or voice box

18 As the cancer grows, it can travel to your lymph nodes. It might look like you have a “lump” in your neck.

19 How Does Head and Neck Cancer Grow????

20 Normal Tissue  Pre-Cancerous Lesion  Cancer

21 What are Pre-Cancerous Lesions? White Patches that will not rub off 4-18% turn into cancer!

22 RED PATCHES that do not go away (> 2 weeks) ***Recommend Removal 20-30% will develop into cancer!

23 Pre-Cancerous  Cancer These white or red patches can turn into cancer, which can GROW and GROW and GROW!

24 What are the Signs of Head and Neck Cancer ?

25 Non-Healing Ulcer Bleeding Loose Tooth Loose Fitting Dentures Difficulty Speaking Difficulty Swallowing Unexplained Pain Weight Loss Signs of Oral Cancer

26 Signs of Throat Cancer Ear Pain Painful /Difficulty Swallowing Muffled Voice Difficultly Opening Mouth Weight Loss Lump in Neck Large tonsil tumor Normal tonsil Uvula

27 Signs of Voice Box Cancer Hoarseness Hoarseness Voice ChangeVoice Change Painful/Difficulty Painful/DifficultySwallowing Ear Pain Ear Pain Weight Loss Weight Loss Neck Mass/Lump Neck Mass/Lump Breathing Difficulty Breathing Difficulty TUMOR

28 Classroom Activities Breathing Exercises

29 What Happens If You Have Difficulty Breathing? Sometimes a head & neck tumor will grow big enough to block off the airway, and people need a TRACHEOTOMY (hole surgically made in the windpipe, past the tumor) to breathe.

30 What Happens If You Can’t Swallow? Sometimes the cancer can grow big enough to impair swallowing, and people need a tube in their nose of stomach so they can get nutrition.

31 What Happens If Someone I Know Has Signs of Head and Neck Cancer?

32 See a Doctor IMMEDIATELY! The doctor will examine the mouth, throat, voice box, and neck. Other tests/procedures may be needed to decide if you have cancer.

33 What If Cancer is Discovered?

34 Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Team Your doctor should refer you to an ENT doctor who specializes in Head and Neck Cancer. A team of healthcare professionals will determine the best plan of care for you.  Head and Neck Surgeons, Radiation and Chemotherapy Doctors, Speech/Swallowing Experts, Cancer Dentist, Nurse, Nutritionist, Physical Therapy………….

35 Head and Neck Cancer Treatments Options Chemotherapy poisons the cancer –Hair loss –Nausea –Fatigue (tired) Radiation burns the cancer –Peeling painful mouth tissue (“mucositis”) –VERY dry mouth –Scarring

36 Side Effects from Chemo and Radiation

37 Head and Neck Cancer Surgery A Head and Neck Surgeon will remove the cancer and the surrounding tissue where the cancer may have spread. A Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgeon will reconstruct the area removed.

38 Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Large tumor of tongue/jaw/chin has been removed

39 Head and Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Cancerous tongue, jaw bone and chin/neck skin removed … and then all is REBUILT

40 Composite Resection Hairy Tongue After Surgery

41 Lip Cancer Lip/chin rebuilt

42 Skin Cancer on the Nose

43 Tongue Surgery Remove ½ of cancerous tongue and rebuild it Arm tissue to make ‘new’ tongue Tongue cancer removed

44 Total Glossectomy

45 Throat Surgery Removal of cancerous throat and voice box chest chest

46 Throat Surgery Continued

47 Patient After Throat Surgery (after voice box has been removed) What has changed for this patient?

48 Changes After Throat Surgery New Way of TalkingCan NEVER Swim Again

49 Singing Cowboy

50 So, What Did We Learn?


52 Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week ® April 12 - 18, 2015 FREE Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Screenings (Plug in date and time here)


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