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Creating Lesson Plans in eSembler. The Knitty Gritty 1.All teachers will be required to have electronic lesson plans (eSembler, Word, Excel, templates.

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1 Creating Lesson Plans in eSembler

2 The Knitty Gritty 1.All teachers will be required to have electronic lesson plans (eSembler, Word, Excel, templates from the shared folder, etc.) 2.All teachers are required to have DAILY lesson plans. Pacing or curriculum guides are no longer acceptable as an indicator of daily lessons. 3.Lesson plans may be for a duration of 5 days. Lessons longer than 5 days should be broken down into smaller components or continued as part of a new 5 day plan. 4.Lesson plans will be checked by Department Chairs and Administration. 5.Individual share folders are being created for uploading lesson plans.

3 Let’s Get Started Login to eSembler please

4 Lesson Plans 1.Hover over Tools Icon - Looks like a Cog Wheel with a wrench 2.Select Lesson Plans from the drop-down menu 3.When Lesson Plans is highlighted, please click on it…

5 Add Lesson 1.Using the Salmon colored menu bars in the middle of the screen, select Add Lesson 2.Click Add Lesson now…

6 Date Lesson Began # of days for lesson – not to exceed 5 days Minimum Requirements: 1.Topic 2.Objectives OR Goals 3.Activities 4.ESE Adaptations 5.Assignments

7 More Choices: Each input box has three radio buttons. Each will change what your plans look like in the Reports view. The next slide shows you what your reports will look like depending on your choice.

8 This is a NORMAL view. Choose this radio button if you are writing a narrative of your objectives or activities.

9 This is a BULLETED view. Choose this view if you may not be reaching objectives in a particular order.

10 This is a NUMBERED view. Choose this view if you are sequencing your objectives/activities.

11 Want More Choices? 1.Preferences, Preferences, Preferences 2.Want to give a test or include your materials? Choose from: 1.Goals (if you don’t like objectives) 2.Discussion 3.Materials 4.Assessment

12 Entering Information 1.Select the Date a lesson will begin. 2.Use the Duration drop down menu to indicate the number of days the lesson will take place. 3.Include the lesson’s topic (required) #1 #2 #3

13 Entering the Lesson Objectives, Activities, ESE Strategies, Assignments, etc. 1.Decide what you want your text to look like (Normal, Bulleted, Numbered) and select the Radio Button. 2.Type in your first Objective then hit enter 3.After each Objective entry hit enter 4.Repeat 1-3 for Activities, ESE Strategies, Assignments, etc.

14 Selecting Classes and Assignments You can copy each lesson to any of the classes you teach. For example, this lesson is for AP+ so I have placed a check mark in the boxes for my AP+ classes.

15 Add an Assignment to Your Lesson Using the Assignments Drop-Down menu, you can select Assignments you have added to be included as a part of your lesson plan. You can select as many assignments as pertain to your lesson. Assignments Drop-Down Menu

16 Adding Your Standards When you are ready to add your standards, use the Salmon colored Standard menu at the bottom of the lesson plan page. A warning box will appear asking you to save – please do. Assignments Drop-Down Menu Select Your Subject Select Your Grade Level Select Your Subject Select Your Grade Level Then, Hit Next

17 Adding Your Standards (continued) Your standards should appear with check boxes beside hyperlinked SSS numbers. Selecting the underlined text will expand (or contract) Levels. Select the Standards associated with this lesson. Select Save. Contracted StandardsExpanded Standards

18 Adding Your Standards (continued) Below your class list, the selected Standards appear. You can edit or remove them if you have made a mistake. Selected Standards

19 Other Options Using the Salmon colored tasks at the bottom of lesson plan page, you can Save if you are finished entering your lesson, Delete the lesson if you didn’t mean to type it in, Cancel any changes you have made, Check your Spelling, Add more Standards or Attach any documents that go with the lesson. Other Options For our purposes, please select Save.

20 Lesson Plan View After Saving, you are taken back to the Add Lesson Screen. Here you can see a list of the lessons you have entered. You can also edit, delete or clone lessons you have created. Lesson just entered.

21 View from the Reports Menu Hover over Reports and Choose Lesson Plans. You can view your Lesson Plans in TWO formats (Preferences) – List View and Table View. Preferences – List ViewPreferences – Table View Lesson just entered.

22 Exporting Your Lessons for Review by Administration & Department Chairs 1.Right-click anywhere in the Explorer Window. 2.Choose Convert to Adobe PDF 3.Name your file using this convention: Course_modules_LastnameFirstname_ dates Example: EnglishII_Mods01_02_04_07_VogelDa nielle8-18-10-16 4.Save the PDF in your My Documents folder. Note: Once the individual share folders are available, you will be saving your lesson plan PDF to that folder for review by Department Heads and Administration.

23 Summary Create Lesson Plans 1.Tools > Lesson Plans > Add Lesson 2.Select Date and Duration 3.Enter Topic of Lesson 4.Select how you want your Objectives, Activities, ESE/ESOL Adaptations and Assignments to look in the Reports View. 5.Enter your Objectives, Activities, ESE/ESOL Adaptations and Assignments. 6.Check which classes to copy the lesson to. 7.Add your Assignments associated with the lesson 8.Select your Standards. 9.Save your lesson. Submit Plans 1.Reports > Lesson Plans 2.Preferences > View > List OR Table 3.Right-click Convert to Adobe PDF 4.Save as course_modules_LastnameFirstname_daterange. 5.Save in My Documents

24 Questions

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