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Medford High School Mr. David Ambrose English 10: British Literature Thursday, September 19, 2013.

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1 Medford High School Mr. David Ambrose English 10: British Literature Thursday, September 19, 2013

2 Welcome, parents! Thank you for coming this evening. Goals for tonight: To help you understand the work we will be doing throughout the school year. To explain my expectations for my students. To share information about how you can support learning at home. To answer any questions about the course syllabus.

3 A Little About Me 32 years old 10 th year teaching at Medford High School English 11 Honors English 10 Honors and English 10 Standard Yearbook Proud father to Ben and Charlotte (also students!) UMass Amherst ’03, B.A. English and Journalism UMass Amherst ’04, M.Ed.

4 About Our Student Teacher, Ms. Stevens 24 years old; lives in Somerville; from Everett. Graduate student at Lesley University B.A. from Emerson College in Writing, Literature, and Publishing Was a permanent sub and taught a few of Mr. Ambrose’s classes last year. Mock Trial Coach and Co-Advisor for the Gay Straight last year.

5 Curriculum Goals To create a safe and comfortable learning environment for each student. To provide each student the opportunity to express himself/herself in a variety of appropriate and creative ways. To analyze and evaluate literature from various genres and time periods. To foster a love and appreciation for reading, writing, speaking, and listening. To prepare for standardized tests such as the MCAS and PSAT.

6 Common Core Curriculum What is it? How does it affect what we do? A Greater Focus on Nonfiction Reading of Literature Reading of Informational Texts Speaking and Listening Writing Language

7 School-wide Initiatives Core Values Collaboration Engagement Personalization 21 st Century Learning Expectations Each is assessed by a school-wide rubric. English – responsible for Communication Skills Development of Common SMART Goals Measurable for teachers, measurable for students

8 Grading Policies Every student has the opportunity to succeed. Quarterly grades will be determined by dividing total points earned over total possible points. 5-30 point assignments: daily homework and classwork, participation 50 point assignments: quizzes, essay rough drafts 100 point assignments: projects, formal essays, tests Printed grade reports are available upon request. Digital grade reports are available via iParent.

9 Class Information Literature An overview of British literature Standardized Test Preparation PSAT (October 2013) MCAS (Spring 2014) Reading and Writing Workshop Self-selected reading, nonfictional informational texts Grammar Vocabulary

10 MCAS An important focus for sophomore year Graduation requirement John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Weekly preparation on Fridays Weekly vocabulary and grammar Focus on nonfiction informational texts “MCAS” “Test Items” MCAS Question of the Day A tip for MCAS success: read, read, read!

11 How to get Involved Please bookmark the course website. On the website, you will find the following: Current and archived homework assignments An e-mail link Examples of student work Links to help your child with homework Follow me on Twitter - @misterambrose Email me any time you like

12 Index Cards Your name and your child’s name Have you been receiving e-mails? Is there anything you want me to know so that I may be a better teacher for your child? Is there anything you would like to share about your child’s personality, interests, or previous academic experiences?

13 Wrap Up Writing Contests Parent-Teacher Conferences Following first quarter report cards 781.264.0881 Does anyone have any questions?

14 Thank you for coming!

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