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Welcome Mrs. Pam LoPilato Masters in Teaching, Special Education English 2015-2016.

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1 Welcome Mrs. Pam LoPilato Masters in Teaching, Special Education English 2015-2016

2 Course Description This course provides students with instruction that emphasizes a variety of reading selections and differentiated skill development. Individual conferences facilitate students' improvement, achievement, and development as readers and writers. Students will write for a variety of purposes, Including persuasive writing, expository writing, and narrative. Instruction for this course also emphasizes building students’ stamina as readers. Students will develop a greater affinity for reading through their reading and analysis of four texts, and their opportunities for self-selecting at least four other titles. Students will also think critically and be able to express understandings concerning fiction and non-fiction texts and visual media. Grammar and vocabulary are also learned and practiced in meaningful contexts. Internet sites will be utilized to individualize and remediate reading and language arts instruction.

3 Resources  Several textbooks, workbooks, websites, novels, and other supplementary materials will be utilized to facilitate learning. Assignments will be selected from the following sources: American Literature, English Composition, Spelling Connections, Writer’s Solution, Written Basic English, Reading and Reasoning, Reading for Concepts,,,, and select novels.  Note: Class novels will be chosen based on the student’s abilities and interests and will closely mirror the themes of the mainstream curriculum. We read the class novels together and they are supplemented by audio, comprehension activities, writing assignments and class discussion.

4 Supplies Students are required to possess a one-inch binder with 5 sections including Writing, Vocabulary, Literature, Language Arts, and Nonfiction Reading. A homework folder can be used on a daily basis if the student chooses to leave the binder in the classroom. An assignment book is also required to keep track of homework, projects, and tests.

5 Class Routine Students enter the classroom with a writing prompt on the screen waiting for them. Students are asked to write their response continuously for 10 minutes in the writing section of their binder. Volunteers are requested to share their responses with the class. Homework is then checked individually and each student is given a sticker to show appropriate completion. We review the homework together as a class and each student is required to participate. The teaching assistant and I circulate during this process to ensure all students are focused and are correcting their work. After the homework review, we begin our lesson. Each day of the week focuses on a different aspect of English.

6 The Weekly Routine:  Day 1- Vocabulary Lesson  Day 2- Language Arts  Day 3- Literature  Day 4- Vocabulary Quiz, Reading  Note: When the week does not meet 4 times, we will omit the vocabulary lesson and focus on a writing assignment.

7 Book Share Project Students are required to read an independent book at home. They will have the opportunity to share their own book with the class at the end of each marking period. Choices will be provided and include a book jacket, traditional one typed page summary and opinion, a board game, character poster and description, a time line or a Power Point presentation. Students will also be assigned journal responses to complete weekly.

8 Class Rules 1.Be on time. 2.Be prepared. 3.Raise your hand. 4.Sign out when leaving class room. 5.Participate during class. 6.Follow instructions. 7. Show respect for others. In addition, I expect all students to listen attentively, complete all assignments to the best of their ability, seek help when needed and demonstrate an eagerness to learn.

9 Grading Students will be graded based on class work, homework, quizzes, essays and projects. Points will be given in the following categories: Homework : 10 Class work: 10 Quizzes: 20 Formal Essays: 50 Book Share Project: 50 Partial credit will be given for incomplete or late work. Students are welcome to retake any quiz and encouraged to come for extra help at lunch or after school in room 911. Students can complete assessments more than once, as needed.

10 Parent Communication: Please email me when you have a question or concern. I will do my best to address your concern as soon as possible. Refer to Genesis to monitor grades, read my School Wires page to see what your child is leaning about, and check your child’s assignment book for homework completion. Please encourage your child to do his/her best. If they are experiencing difficulty, they should let me know and I will provide additional time and individual instruction.

11 Thank You!

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