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HILDA WALKER Curriculum Night Ms. Hourihan-6 th Grade September 1, 2015.

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1 HILDA WALKER Curriculum Night Ms. Hourihan-6 th Grade September 1, 2015

2 WELCOME!  I graduated from Illinois State University.  This is my third year in the district. This is my second year teaching 6 th grade Reading and Language Arts.

3 LANGUAGE ARTS Language Arts is broke down into two disciplines, English & Reading. I see all students except for Period 4 for two periods. Period 4 will see Mrs. Becker for reading. This class is designed to assist the student in developing writing, reading, and grammar skills. During the course of the year, students will learn to distinguish among parts of speech, to write in various forms, to develop vocabulary, and to read and understand various forms of literature.

4 READING P1& P6 In reading we will work on reading, writing, listening, poetry, and fluency skills. The text includes all types of reading genres. Tests, quizzes, daily homework assignments, group projects, etc. will be assigned throughout year. We will also read a variety of novels throughout the year. We will start with Flush by Carl Hiaason. Second Quarter is Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan. Percy is on scholastic for a dollar right now! Students are to have a novel with them at all times. It is student’s responsibility to renew his/her novel.

5 ENGLISH P2, P4, & P7 The English curriculum will consist of the text, writing assignments/essays, and journal writing. Students will study grammar units and incorporate grammar skills into writing. Students will be reading, analyzing, and writing poetry. Tests, daily homework assignments, essays, etc. will be assigned throughout the year.

6 ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK Tool for communication between classroom and home. Daily homework assignments are posted in class as well as on my webpage. Students should write EVERYTHING that I write on the class assignment notebook page. Decisions on whether to bring home work completed in class should be established by parents/guardians. I do not force students to bring home materials – each student must decide and make choices for themselves, and be held accountable for their decisions

7 HOMEWORK POLICY HOMEWORK (Reference Board Policy 6:290) The parents and the school are joined in the common purpose of helping students make the greatest possible educational advancement. When homework is assigned, the school will endeavor to explain what is to be done so that the child can work independently. Homework is a vital part of the learning process, and all homework assigned is meant to reinforce concepts learned in class. Students must be prepared every day for class discussions, group work, and independent assessments. My expectation is that all work assigned should be completed with the student’s best effort, and turned in on time.

8 HOMEWORK POLICY A pink slip will go home if a students has missing homework. If homework is returned the next day, 20% will be deducted. If not, it will be a ZERO. I will still need pink slips back regardless of assignment. Students will sit out of intramurals until pink slip is returned.

9 GRADING – GRADES ARE WEIGHTED!!~ Homework/Classwork 25% of final grade Quizzes/Independent Work 35% of final grade Tests 40% of final grade Long term projects may be counted as a test grade

10 Contact Info Teacher: I can be available by appointment before school, and after school. Academic Assistance: Academic Assistance is offered Monday through Friday after school. Website: Visit the school’s website for weekly updates, homework lists, and teacher sites. The site is very useful when students are absent or going to be absent. Website can be accessed at then find link to Hilda Walker School. Once on the Walker site, click on the Teacher Pages icon which will list teacher sites including mine which is under (Hourihan). Email:

11 THANK YOU I am looking forward to a great year and partnership! Thank you for coming to Hilda Walker’s Curriculum Night. Ms. Hourihan

12 OPEN HOUSE ITINERARY Please follow your child’s schedule to meet each of his teachers.

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