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Boonville R-I High School Sophomore Enrollment Presentation.

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1 Boonville R-I High School Sophomore Enrollment Presentation

2 Enrollment Form Unit of CreditCourse SelectionTeacher Approval Communication Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Elective Unit of CreditCourse Selection Alternate Course PLEASE GET PARENT’S SIGNATURE ON FORM

3 Transcript

4 MSHSAA and BHS Eligibility  A student must pass 3 units of credit in order to be eligible to participate in or attend extra- curricular activities (sports, dances, clubs, prom, etc).  Credit is awarded on the semester concept. Each class is equal to ½ credit.  Do the Math: ½ credit x 6 classes = 3 units You must pass 6 classes!

5 Graduation Requirements  To graduate from BHS students must earn 24 credits. The following is required: Communication Arts4 units Social Studies3 units Mathematics3 units Science3 units Fine Arts1 unit Practical Arts1 unit Physical Education1 unit Health½ unit Personal Finance½ unit Electives 7 units  Total 24 units

6 Graduation Honors  The Cum Laude System was adopted to encourage students to pursue a strong academic program. This program exceeds the minimum standards outlined for graduation. Classes must be from the academic core. Students who complete this program of study, along with maintaining the specified grade point average, will receive a high school diploma awarded: Cum Laude - 3.5000-3.7499 GPA Magna Cum Laude - 3.7500-3.8999 GPA Summa Cum Laude – 3.9 – 4.0 GPA

7 Graduation Honors Communication Arts (CA I and higher)4 units Social Studies (Am. History, Civics)3 units Mathematics (Algebra I and higher)*3 units Science (Physical Science and higher)**3 units Core Electives***3 units Fine Arts1 unit Practical Arts1 unit Physical Education1 unit Health½ unit Personal Finance½ unit Electives 4 units  Total 24 units *Algebra IA and IB will equal one unit of Math credit to fulfill honors requirement, but will count as 2 units of credit toward graduation. **Elemental Physical Science and Elemental Biology will equal one unit of science credit to fulfill honors requirement, but will count as 2 units of credit toward graduation. ***Core Electives can be earned from CA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and foreign language. Embedded credit will not count toward graduation honors.

8 Sophomore Course Selections 5 credits  You must earn 5 credits to be considered a sophomore!!  Placement in CORE course is dependent on teacher recommendation. RequirementsCourses (All 1 unit unless otherwise listed) Communication ArtsCommunication Arts II Communication Arts I CA Skills MathematicsAlgebra IA, Algebra IB, Algebra I Geometry, Honors Geometry Algebra II, Honors Algebra II ScienceElemental Biology Biology Social StudiesWorld Geography World History

9 Sophomore Practical Arts (1 required) COMPUTER CLASSES:  Keyboarding – ½ unit  Computer Apps – ½ unit  Adv. Computer Apps – ½ unit  Graphic Arts – 1 unit  Adv. Graphic Arts – ½ unit  Web Design – 1 unit FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE:  FACS I – ½ unit  FACS II – ½ unit  FCCLA Leadership - ½ unit  Foods I - ½ unit  Foods II - ½ unit  Family Relations - ½ unit  Housing & Int. Design – ½ unit BUSINESS CLASSES:  Pers. Finance – ½ unit  Accounting I - 1 unit  Intro. to Business – ½ unit  Business Leadership – ½ unit  Business Mgmt.– ½ unit  Business Economics – ½ unit  Entrepreneurship- ½ unit

10 Sophomore Fine Arts (1 required)  Art I, II – 1 unit  Band – 1 unit  Pirate Singers - 1 unit, audition  Chamber Choir – 1 unit, audition  Drama - 1 unit  Music of the 20 th Century – 1 unit

11 Sophomore Electives  Personal Health – ½ unit  Adv. PE - ½ or 1 unit  Lifetime Sports – ½ or 1 unit  Newspaper Publication – 1 unit  Yearbook Publication – 1 unit  Spanish I or II – 1 unit  Library Aide - ½ or 1 unit

12 2014-15 BTEC Courses Offered  Agriculture  Alternative Energy NEW!  Auto Technology  Computer Networking and Information Technology  Health Sciences  JROTC  Marketing  Woodworking, CAD and Construction Some courses will be offered based on enrollment. Some programs have limited enrollment.

13 Enrollment Process Enrollment Forms are due March 6 th : Before then please : Review your transcript. Discuss courses options with your parents and teachers. Fill out your enrollment sheets with signatures!! Your teachers will sign off on your courses for next year on March 4 th and 5 th. Bring forms to school!! Review your Personal Plan of Study and make any needed changes. Refer to the Program of Study templates in the back of the Course Registration Handbook to assist you.

14 Signing off Procedure:  March 4 th and 5 th are “SIGN OFF DAYS” Bring enrollment forms to school those days Core teachers will place you in your math/comm. arts/science/history classes and “sign off” You must use Pirate Time these days to get signatures from “elective/BTEC classes” DO NOT interrupt a teacher’s class to ask for signatures

15 Personal Plan of Study


17 Program of Study

18 A+ Program  The A+ program is designed to provide tuition for students to attend any community college in the state of Missouri. To be eligible, students must meet the following requirements: Attend an A+ school for 3 consecutive years. Graduate with a 2.5 non-weighted accum. GPA. Have an attendance rate of 95% for the four years. Perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring in a school sponsored activity (12.5 hours can be job shadowing). Maintain a record of good citizenship, and avoid the use of drugs and alcohol. Achieve a score of Proficient or Advanced on the Algebra I EOC test. 2 of 3 units of math must be Algebra I and higher. Algebra IA and IB will count as one unit of credit toward the A+ math requirement. 2 or 3 units of science must be Physical Science and higher. EPS and EB will count as one unit of credit toward the A+ science requirement.

19 Enrollment Reminders  Students may only enroll in 1 PE class per semester.  Students may only enroll in 1 Aide position per semester.  Students wishing to be an Aide must have that teacher sign the registration form.  Students who need to take Credit Recovery need to write Credit Recovery – Subject on the registration form.  ALL classes must be signed off by a teacher.  Students must be enrolled as full-time students.

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