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New to Social Housing and the customer ‘journey’ Marc Slack Head of ICT.

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1 New to Social Housing and the customer ‘journey’ Marc Slack Head of ICT

2 Who are Midland Heart? This presentation will provide an insight into the first few months of entering the world of social housing. What are the challenges an IT function faces in how we can provide a digital journey for our staff and tenants? Can we take inspiration from other sectors in considering omni-channel digital access?

3 Who are Midland Heart? Midland Heart is one of the largest housing and care organisations based in the UK. Our work involves; supporting those who need help to live independently, assisting in regenerating communities and helping an individual to discover their own abilities just as much as it involves providing and maintaining homes for more than 70,000 people with maximum customer involvement. We own and manage more than 32,000 homes across 54 local authority areas and invest in excess of £100 million each year in our neighbourhoods. We transform lives and communities through housing, care and other opportunities.

4 Background Automotive Logistics Distribution Construction Facilities Management Social Housing and Care Business Analyst, Project Management, Programme Management IT Director

5 The move to Midland Heart July 2014. Board recognised the need to further align IT strategy to Business Strategy. New sector with a different focus rather than just share value. High change in the industry. Step change in the direction of the IT function. Could catch the train!

6 The Culture change Previous employers ambition “Double Earnings per share within 5 years” Midland Heart “To be the best National Housing and Care business working with those in greatest need.”

7 First observations IT strategy was not aligned to enabling our organizational strategy. IT function was ‘run’ orientated and focused around commodity IT. Solutions were bought on function rather than process. There was no real business context within the IT department. Investment was not the issue.

8 Observed Maturity: Gartner Model

9 Future IT Operating Model

10 Social Housing and Care The Social Housing ‘Sandwich’ Public Sector Private Sector Anti-profit politics Increasing costs ‘Selective’ suppliers (construction) Reduced income from taxes Reduced margins for SH&C Personalisation Universal Credit Push for ‘Digital First’ Customer

11 First rule: Understand our Customers Customers Tennants General Needs Extra Care Health and Disability Inclusion Investors Colleagues

12 The Customer Challenges Every external customer is being driven to Digital access – no choice. Little training given. Assumption that all have digital connectivity. Assumption that all have access to IT equipment Our internal Colleagues are being driven to Digital Access – no choice. Our External customers require knowledge to understand change. IT connectivity has become the 5 th Utility.

13 Customer Access Strategy 1. Increasing the range of channels & convenience of access 2. Getting our tier one applications embedded & taking advantage of changing technologies 3. Improving the quality & volume of customer self help information 4. Greater first contact resolution & reducing avoidable contact 5. Encouraging uptake of more effective customer channels 6. Strengthening customer intelligence The Prize - Improved customer experience (Transforming Services) - Lean & Automated Services - Growth: Improving our ‘offer’ & competitiveness

14 How are we supporting this? Completed an internal Digital Access Programme. Conducting a Target Operating Model review of our Contact Centre and Repairs process. Process first. Contributing to our Customer Access Strategy. Reviewing our supply chain to create strategic partnerships to push our infrastructure beyond the enterprise. Researching out of sector for inspiration in providing a ‘retail-esque’ experience.

15 Our Challenges Ahead We will have recognition as a ‘vertical’ from the big vendors. Microsoft, Gartner, BT Increase costs (i.e. Microsoft licensing) We will be under more scrutiny, as a sector, as that commercialism is increased. ICO – Information Security Software compliance Audits Building strategic partnerships Our Back Office products could hold back our ambition to embrace cloud services (i.e. 365). We are critical in shaping/enabling our Business Strategy and have to show our ‘business’ acumen.

16 The End Questions?

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