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1 Involving Local SMEs as E-Procurement Suppliers

2 Case Study: Deverill Ltd

3 Peter Beech-Allen Head of ICT and Regional Collaboration Business Link Berkshire and Wiltshire 5 th June 2003 Involving Local SMEs as E-Procurement Suppliers

4 Issues Business Link involvement Inclusive strategy Knowledge and Understanding Pilot Groups Case Studies and Exemplars Adoption and Development

5 SBS Small Business Service The SBS vision is to be the market leader for business support; inspiring, enthusing and engaging businesses to realise fully their local, national and international potential. our success is the delivery of a dynamic and flexible portfolio of support that matches the customer needs for tailor-made solutions.

6 UK online for business To promote business competitiveness and productivity by: ensuring the UK is best place to trade electronically (our focus today is SW) enabling businesses to transform themselves and their performance through the use of e-technologies

7 TMB Technology Means Business: TMB is the industry standard for advisers and organisations providing business related ICT advice. Independent national standard endorsed by government Continuous professional development for advisers A nation-wide network of accredited advisers supporting SMEs A benchmark of good practice in the provision of ICT & business advice

8 Opt-in rather than Opt-out Plan for Stepped Adoption Train Your own Staff Common Language Common Medium Inclusive Strategy

9 PSA (TARGET 2) – DEVELOPING E-GOVERNMENT To improve the general competitiveness of local business by stimulating the use of e-procurement and e-commerce by based industries. PSA Strategy

10 E-business involves a systemic understanding of people, process, organisation, culture and technology it involves changes in all these areas and these outcomes need to be congruent findings show undue focus on technology if e-business is a 4 lap race, most SMEs are on lap 1 The Real Deal

11 The e-business issues Corporate Strategy Contracts and Contractors Logistics and Resources Marketing Strategies Communication Value Engineering Technologies and Tactics Creative Processes Customer Care and Support Presentation and Utilisation Legislation and Good Practice Style and Branding

12 Hardware PCs (capability, speed) Connectivity (email, internet) Software Office Suites (Lotus, MS Office) Accounting (Sage, Quick-en/books, TAS) Infrastructure Networks (LAN, WAN, VPN) Ability Skills Resource Personnel Support External or Internal Knowledge and Understanding Of Your Suppliers

13 The Journey ICT ADVICE Business Link

14 Research Supplier Base Raise Awareness Pilot Expand to Next/ALL Sectors of Supplier Base Educate Convert Train Live Run ReviewDevelop Develop Review Strategic Process Pick Test Group Educate Convert Train Run Live Pilot Review and Develop  Representative  Large  Medium  Small  Supplier Sectors  Stationary  Maintenance  Capital Items

15 Benefits of the Programme for the Suppliers Improved communication Improve customer service Reduced lead times for payment Reduced administration costs Support to plan/implement e-Business Etc, etc, etc KEY are the benefits to Suppliers

16 Commitment from the Suppliers Desire from the top to improve Drive to increase benefits from: Lean Supply Chain Management & e-Business No major disruption pending Commits resource to implementation Completes necessary support Works with their supply chain Willing to make change

17 Relevant Range Peer Groups Identified Benefits Warts and all Agreed Level of Expectation Reference Sites Continuous Process Case Studies and Exemplars

18 Case Study: CDS Limited

19 Helping to make Information and Communication Technologies work harder for Businesses Peter Beech-Allen Head of ICT and Regional Collaboration Business Link Berkshire and Wiltshire

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