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Vodafone People Strategy (VPS)

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1 Vodafone People Strategy (VPS)

2 Did We Say “Talent Matters”
Did We Say “Talent Matters”? “The top software developers are more productive than average software developers not by a factor of 10X or 100X, or even 1,000X, but 10,000X.” Nathan Myhrvold, former Chief Scientist, Microsoft Source: Tome Peters

3 HR is the primary mission of today’s CEO
Fortune 100’ CEO’s spend 33% of their time in people issues. HR is the primary mission of today’s CEO

4 The Old Way The New Way The War for Talent - McKinsey Talent Mindset
HR is responsible for people management All managers – starting with the CEO- are accountable for strengthening their talent pool Employee Value Proposition We provide good pay and benefits We shape our company, even our strategy, to appeal to talented people Recruiting Recruiting is like Purchasing Recruiting is like Marketing Growing Leaders We think development happens in training programs We fuel development through stretch jobs, coaching, and mentoring Differentiation We treat everyone the same, and like to think that everyone is equally capable We affirm all our people, but invest differentially in our A, B, and C players


6 The Deal Touchpoint The employee’s aspiration: Vodafone's Share of the deal is: Employees’ Share of the deal is: Organisation & Change My role and goals are clear and challenging, I know who my customers are, and how I fit into my team and the organisation, I understand organisational changes as they occur, and I enjoy the way we do things around here We design a Red, Rock Solid, Restless, customer-oriented, and cost-effective organizations. We trust and empower you to deliver against clear roles and accountabilities that are based on business objectives. We anticipate and respond to the market. We are clear with you when and why the business needs to change, the direction we are taking, and what is your role to help the business achieve its goals I know Vodafone’s objectives and brand essence, and my role in delivering them I take responsibility for knowing what changes are happening. I understand how will they affect me and accordingly respond to the changes professionally I am a team player and treat everyone as a customer. Resourcing I am attracted to Vodafone as an employer, and my experience as I join, and as I move internally, assures me of a challenging career, and support when I change roles or leave the business We recruit the right people who are aligned with Vodafone values We are clear about Vodafone’s culture during the hiring process. And ensure that selection decisions are transparent and fair. We support our people to manage their career and we create opportunities whereby they can move within Vodafone to enhance their skills. When people leave the business, we treat them with honesty, dignity and respect I know what I’ve signed up for and I want to be a part of Vodafone I continuously seek out information and ask for feedback that helps me understand my role I understand my skills and capabilities, and the opportunities that exist in Vodafone, so I can manage my career realistically Communication & Involvement I can talk positively and confidently about our business, it’s easy to find out what I need to know to perform at my best, and my ideas and thoughts are listened to and acted upon We communicate with you honestly, encourage feedback, and respond to them We encourage, recognise and act upon good ideas and new ways of working We equip line managers with the tools and skills needed to engage and motivate people I am encouraged to speak honestly about how I view things, and make suggestions for improvements I work in a way that supports Vodafone’s values and goals, and take responsibility for building engagement in my team I promote Vodafone’s brand and values with our customers, suppliers and my team Learning & Development We support you to create a development plan to enhance your skills that would help you meet the business needs together with your needs. We provide you with various options on how to learn and how to implement this learning in your role. We are clear about personal goals and what we expect from our leaders and people, and hold them responsible for delivering results We ensure that leaders provide regular feedback and coaching to develop individuals and teams I get regular feedback on how I am doing, and I am encouraged to develop my skills and behaviours to continually improve my performance, and realise my potential I understand my goals and what is expected of me in terms of performance and behaviour, and I deliver on it I seek out regular coaching and feedback and work on them in order to improve my performance. I know my personal development needs and aspiration, and work on enhancing them Reward & Recognition This detailed page, summarises the employee value proposition Here you can see the simple terms of reference we have established, that give us the guidance necessary to develop our VPS activities. They are written in language that is easy to understand, and give us a set of minimum standards in creating the right experience for our people We reward our people based on their personal performance to enable and support the achievement of business objectives. We provide you with relevant financial and non-financial rewards that are of value to you. We reward and recognise both team and individual performance, and contributions above and beyond the call of duty I know my contribution is valued because I can see how my performance drives the reward and recognition I receive I understand what I am rewarded for and how I can influence it I understand the value of the different elements of my reward package I actively recognise others when their contribution is above and beyond the call of duty Safety, Health & Wellbeing I ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of myself and others at work I use the tools available and develop my skills to ensure I can look after the safety, health and wellbeing of myself and others I alert Vodafone when something looks wrong, and about accidents if they occur I work in a stimulating and safe environment, knowing the organisation cares about my wellbeing and supports me in developing a healthy lifestyle We equip managers to measure and manage health, safety & wellbeing We help our people understand and attain a healthy lifestyle We support your wellbeing at work, and help you achieve a work/life balance that works for you and the business.

7 Thank you, Hany Mahmoud

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