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1 Testimonials – This Page will be added on in the future – For Now Talent Management – Our Experience in MAS-TRAC.

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1 1 Testimonials – This Page will be added on in the future – For Now Talent Management – Our Experience in MAS-TRAC

2 2 Why in MAS-TRAC ? Talent immigration (Both local and expatriate employees are attracted by our local competitors and from the neighboring countries). Expected boom in the local job market in view of major projects

3 3 Develop DeployConnect CommitmentCapability Manage Performance Alignment Attract Retain Talent Management Process

4 4 MAS-TRAC Definition Attract, develop, motivate and retain the talent that our customers Need.

5 5 MAS-TRAC Focus - Make the Attraction and Retention of talents -Creation of a Pool of Committed and Competent workforce - Create the Notion of ‘Best Place to work’ -Plus Notion of ‘Equal Opportunity Employer’ -Also Notion of ‘Employer of Choice’

6 6 Develop DeployConnect CommitmentCapability Manage Performance Alignment Attract Retain Talent Management Process

7 7 MAS-TRAC Attraction Strategies Develop the Employer branding Creation of brand image of the organization for perspective employees, Creating a ‘Great Place to Work’; ‘Employer of choice’ and ‘Equal Opportunity Employer’ Develop Professional and Ethical Recruitment process Develop Pragmatic Selection methods Introduction to the organization (Ambassador of the organization) Reduce Attrition from the organization

8 8 MAS-TRAC Employer branding Employee to believe that organisation is: –is transparent, fair, helpful and concerned –offers opportunities for growth – career growth –has work-life balance –has pro-active leadership –has a range of management practices that help staff feel valued, productive and listened to –effective employee development programs –benchmarks its approaches

9 9 MAS-TRAC Recruitment process Defining the requirements.( Scientific Human Resource Planning - HRP) Attracting candidates. MAS-TRAC Modes of attraction. –Advertising. –E-recruitment. –Outsourcing recruitment. –Visit campuses of education and training establishments. –Scientific selection process.

10 10 Develop Deploy Connect CommitmentCapability Manage Performance Alignment Attract Retain Talent Management Process

11 11 MAS-TRAC Development Strategy Identification of our Customers required skills. Active Management of Learning. Equipping employees with skills, knowledge and competences required to undertake current and future tasks required by the organization to attain its goals. (Skill gap bridging) Developing ‘Intellectual Capital’ to meet present and future needs as the human capital of an organization is a major source of competitive advantage.

12 12 DEVELOPMENT IMPACT 10% 20% 70% Training Work shops E-learning Development in role Leadership Co-workers Transfer of Learning Development of Learning culture workplace learning Projects Stretch assignments Role enlargement Job change Feedback Coaching Mentoring Training-based Experienced-basedRelationship-based

13 13 MAS-TRAC Training Policies Systematic training – Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – competency based On-the-Job-Training (OJT) Types of training IT Skills Management Development Training Programmes Interpersonal skills, example Leadership, Team Building and Group Dynamics Personal skills, example Assertiveness, Coaching, Mentoring, Guidance, Advising, Communicating and Time Management Training in organisational procedures or practices, example induction, health and safety, performance management E-learning

14 14 MAS-TRAC Career Planning That translates into: Individual Career development programs (IDP) Management Development Programmes Career Counseling, Guidance, Advising and Mentoring programs

15 15 Deploy That translates into Maximum utilisation of capability Optimum alignment and engagement with the business. Improved performance and commitment. Develop DeployConnect CommitmentCapability Manage Performance Alignment

16 16 Develop Deploy Connect Commitment Capability Manage Performance Alignment Attract Retain Talent Management Process

17 17 Connect Building effective relationships with people by: Treating them fairly – institutionalisation of process and procedures. Recognizing their value & contribution Giving them a voice, listening to them and empowering them. Providing growth opportunities Thus achieving ‘Talent Engagement’ Ensuring people are committed to their work and organisation

18 18 MAS-TRAC PAS - Performance Appraisal System (Performance) Building relationships with people. Identifying talent and potential. Planning learning & development activities. Making most of the talent possessed by people. Increasing the motivation level by positive feedback and recognition. Line managers to carry out ‘Risk Analysis’ of key staff to assess the likelihood of their leaving

19 19 MAS-TRAC Total Reward Financial and Non financial rewards Paying competitive rates Loyalty bonuses or ‘Golden Handcuffs’ – Retention bonus – Variable pay – Pension Scheme Results in employing and retaining talented employees Annual survey Employee Satisfaction (Climate) Surveys.

20 20 MAS-TRAC Career Management Shaping the progression of individuals within the organisation with reference to: Organisational needs Employee success profiles Performance potential Preference of individuals Succession planning

21 21 MAS-TRAC Career Management Develop Assessment and Development Centres High Flyer Development Schemes Dealing with ‘Plateaued Manager’- got so far but cannot get further Dealing with ‘Rising stars’ on the wane- reshape their careers

22 22 Develop DeployConnect CommitmentCapability Manage Performance Alignment Attract Retain Talent Management Process

23 23 MAS-TRAC Retention Strategies Maintain Company Image. Initiate Recruitment, Selection and Development. Leadership – the maxim - Employees join companies and Leave Managers. Learning opportunities – Engagement Performance recognition and rewards. Individual and independent projects. Individual contribution.

24 24 MAS-TRAC Retention Strategies Factors affecting retention strategies: Early career employees ( under 30 years)- Career advancement Mid career employees ( 31 to 50 years)- Ability to manage careers and Job satisfaction Late career employees ( over 50 years)-Security

25 25.  Which talent within our Customer to be targeted and where are they located. (Criteria for selection)  Identification of talented employees needs, expectations and aspirations.  Ideal team composition at all levels.  Creation of brand image of the organization.  Build a long term recruiting strategy.  Robust recruitment process. MAS-TRAC Outcomes

26 26 Outcomes  Revamp introduction to and release from organization process.  Proactive leadership at senior management level, manager level and supervisory level.  Supervisors proactively promote and push talent.  Robust attraction policy.  Robust retention policy.  Career management policy.  Succession planning.  Risk analysis strategy of key employees. (Leaving – loss on business - cost of replacement ) Outcomes

27 27 Outcomes  Robust performance management process to make sure that potential is unleashed and not blocked.  Robust total reward management policies.  Selection and promotion procedures.  Not to promote people into positions that they are not ready for – High failure rate.  Promote cross functional moves. Outcomes

28 28 Outcomes To achieve talent engagement formulate policies and build effective relationships with employees by : Treating them fairly, helpfully, transparently and addressing their concerns. Recognizing their value and contribution. Giving them a voice. Providing growth opportunities. Train managers and team leaders to appreciate the contribution of their employees. (People often leave their managers rather than their organization) Outcomes

29 29 Outcomes  Create learning organization.  Robust learning and development strategy and policies. ( Covering Learning, Education, Development and training)  Job analyses and Competency design.  Robust retention strategies.  Strengthening the talent pool by investing in A players developing B players and acting decisively on C players. Outcomes

30 30  Create a pool of committed and competent workforce.  Notion of “Best great place to work”.  Notion of “Employer of choice”.   Notion of ‘’Equal Opportunity Employer’’ Outcomes

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