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MEMORABLE COACHING AND DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCES. Attributes of Memorable Coaches Getting the work done  Clarifies goals/tasks and manages toward those.

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2 Attributes of Memorable Coaches Getting the work done  Clarifies goals/tasks and manages toward those objectives  Lets employees learn from their own mistakes and helps them move on after/succeed or fail on their own  Encourages risk taking  Solicits and provides honest/consistent/timely feedback  Challenges employees/push employees outside of their comfort zones  Leads by example/role model  Invests time and resources Ideas  Sees big picture  Grounded in facts  Thinks outside the box  Open exchange of knowledge In the workplace  Shares information appropriately  Respectful of schedules  Navigates politics  Gives access to other parts of organization  Advocates for employees and their ideas 1

3 Attributes of Memorable Coaches Team  Communicates with team regularly  Listens to team  Team player  Knows how to build a team  Knows individual motivations of team members  Understands the areas in which their employees work  Treats everyone fairly  Looks to team for solutions  Shares in successes and failures  Democratic leadership – allows team to make decision Employee  Concern for employee as a person, not just as an employee  Invests time and resources  Recognizes strengths  Anticipates employees needs  Serves as a mentor  Trains new leaders and coaches  Supports professional development 2

4 Attributes of Memorable Coaches Personal Traits Honest Available Decision Maker Trustworthy Respectful Transparent Common Sense Patient Inclusive Motivational Leader Analytical Organized Genuine Sense of humor Intuitive Empowering Approachable Inspiring Disciplined 3

5 Development Happens Every Day  Recently, 200 managers at Northeastern were asked to recall an important and memorable development experience in their own careers  Their responses were interesting and varied, and followed common themes. Interestingly, the themes closely mirror the model to the right  The statements that follow are representative of what the managers described, not direct quotes 4 Adapted from research by M.M. Lombardo and R.W. Eichinger for the Center for Creative Leadership 20% Feedback Courses and Reading 10% 70% On the Job Experiences, Tasks and Problem Solving How Development Occurs

6 Memorable Development Experiences On the Job Experiences, Tasks and Problem Solving  Participating on a Committee or Task Force, especially if unrelated to my job  Learning from other’s experiences and styles  Getting exposure to different activities, processes and expectations  Challenges me to think differently  Helps build my skills in teamwork and collaboration  Helps me understand what is occurring outside my own job/area  Helps me understand how my job/area fit into the big picture  Learning from new people in my area  Hearing about their backgrounds and prior experiences helps me see things differently  Being open to their ideas and perspectives helps me learn and grow  Viewing what has been traditionally done in my area through the eyes of new people is helpful in evaluating if we are doing things the best way or not  Being asked to instruct or train others  Forces me to ‘up my game’ and be certain I really know the content  Challenges me to clearly explain things and answer questions in a way that is understandable to a novice  Their success is my success, so I want to be sure they learn 5

7 Memorable Development Experiences continued On the Job Experiences, Tasks and Problem Solving continued  Dealing with a crisis or an emergency  Forcing me to deal with ambiguity – both in what to do as well as the outcomes  Learning from intensely focusing on the issue  Having to draw upon knowledge and experience ‘on the fly’ to respond and taken action  Building camaraderie and a sense of ‘we are all in this together’ helped me learn even when we made mistakes  Gave me confidence that I am a capable professional in my field  Working with people of different backgrounds, experiences and styles is enriching  Taking on ‘stretch’ activities or goals challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and helped others see what I was capable of  Being thrown into a situation and having to figure out what I was dealing with and how to handle it 6

8 Memorable Development Experiences Feedback  Others have seen things in me that I didn’t see in myself  Encourage and supported me to take risks I didn’t think I was capable of handling  Helped me see and appreciate strengths I took for granted  Committee/team members gave me feedback that caused me to adjust how I handled things, and caused me to be more effective  Being open to feedback has helped me understand and navigate the complexities of this University 7

9 Memorable Development Experiences Courses and Reading  Going to a conference and then being asked to share the experience (in depth) with colleagues  Helped me focus on the content while at the conference  Required that I think through how best to convey the information to others in an accurate way, while also keeping their interest  Seeing the Seattle Fish Market video helped me realize that what I put into my work is what I get out of it – if I am positive, I get positive responses; if I am negative I get negative responses 8

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