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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 VocabAfricaIndia ALL MIXED UP ThisN’ThatCauses&Consequences.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 VocabAfricaIndia ALL MIXED UP ThisN’ThatCauses&Consequences

4 C1-$100 Causes-100 Causes-100 Pride in one’s nation was one major cause of Imperialism. Nationalism

5 C1-$200 Causes Causes - $200 One of the most important causes of Imperialism was due to factory production of goods, also known as Industrialization

6 C1-$300 Causes Causes - $300 Due to the mass production of goods, colonial powers needed these to continue to sell their products markets (for trade)

7 C1-$400 Causes Causes - $400 Loss of land and life as well as some gains in health and literacy were the result of imperialism for… Africa

8 C1-$500 VIPs VIPs - $500 Colonies were generally viewed as a sign of country’s relative power

9 C2-$100 Vocab Vocab - $100 Policy that provided for colonies’ needs but did not give them full rights Paternalism

10 C2-$200 Vocab Vocab - $200 A powerful nation seizing control of a poor nation in order to control its’ resources is an example of… Imperialism

11 C2-$300 Vocab Vocab - $300 Theory that those who are the fittest for survival enjoy wealth and success and are superior to others Social Darwinism

12 C2-$400 Vocab Vocab - $400 An interest in or taking of land for its strategic location or products For double points give an example Geopolitics Crimean War

13 C2-$500 Vocab Vocab - $500 Racist belief that Europeans were the superior race and had a duty to control weaker nations White Man’s Burden

14 C3-$100 Locations of Rule Locations of Rule - $100 Meeting where European nations established rules for for the division of Africa without consulting African rulers Berlin Conference

15 C3-$200 Locations of Rule Locations of Rule - $200 Two main reasons why western nations wanted lands in the Pacific Rim Natural resources and location

16 C3-$300 Locations of Rule Locations of Rule - $300 The main cause of inadequate food supplies in Africa during European colonization Cash crops, such as cotton

17 C3-$400 Locations of Rule Locations of Rule - $400 War between Dutch settlers, British, and Africans over the control of South Africa Boer War

18 C3-$500 Locations of Rule Locations of Rule - $500 The U.S. gained this territory after the Spanish-American War Philippines

19 C4-$100 India India - $100 India was known as the “jewel in the crown” because... It was Britain’s most valuable colony

20 C3-200 India India - $200 Indian soldiers hired by the British East India Company Sepoy

21 C3-$300 India India - $300 Name at least 1 cause of the Sepoy Mutiny Famine, Nationalism, Resistance to British Rule

22 C3-$400 Africa Africa - $400 Which two African nations remained free of Imperial Rule as of 1914 Ethiopia & Liberia

23 C3-$500 India India - $500 List three positives of British control in India railroads, communication, health care, schools, waterways, sanitation, roads

24 C4-$100 All Mixed Up - $100 The Boxer Rebellion happened in this country China

25 C4-$200 All Mixed Up All Mixed Up - $200 This is a method of control in which the natives do not have rights or the ability to run their own government. direct control

26 C4-$300 All Mixed Up All Mixed Up - $300 19th century English Social Darwinist would say that a nations power is proof of its... Superiority

27 C4-$400 All Mixed Up - $400 Industrialization allowed this nation to focus their resources on their military and colonial expansion in Asia Japan

28 C4-$500 All Mixed Up All Mixed Up - $500 China was forced to sign this agreement that required them to open up five ports to foreign trade Treaty of Nanjing

29 C4-$100 This N’ That This N’ That - $100 He was the leader of the Revolutionary Alliance that overthrew the last Chinese Emperor Sun Yixan (Yat-sen)

30 C4-$200 This N’ That This N’ That - $200 Why did U.S. businesses want to annex Hawaii to the United States Sugar could be sold for a higher profit

31 C4-$300 This N’ That This N’ That - $300 Which war was an example of geopolitics Crimean War

32 C4-$400 This N’ That This N’ That - $400 A powerful nation which seizes control of a poor nation and its resources is an example of… Imperialism

33 C4-$500 This N’ That This N’ That - $500 The last Chinese Imperial Government’s failure to do this resulted in its collapse Limit outside influence

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