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What’s New in GE Part 1 (AR, AP, PO, Job Cost Presented by: Derek Kratz.

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1 What’s New in GE Part 1 (AR, AP, PO, Job Cost Presented by: Derek Kratz

2 Accounts Payable, Vendor & PO

3 We have added a new tab in Bank Maintenance called Balance. This tab shows the details of the monthly reconciliations. The Monthly Reconciliation grid can be copied and pasted into Excel. Available in V7(028)

4 Date range search and Totals now on the Vendor AP tab. Quickly find total amount spent for a given time frame. Available in V4(001)

5 A new Recurring Entry tab has been added to Vendor Master. Here you can see any recurring entries for this vendor as well as add or edit recurring entries. Available in V6(048)

6 The PO Memo field in Vendor – PO/Return Info has been increased to allow 250 characters. It is passed to the PO Top Memo field in PO Summary. We have also added FTP Send Type to this screen. Available in V5(015)

7 We have added a memo field to the Accounts Payable Voucher Entry Distribution Detail screen. This memo will be passed to GL Detail. Available in V1(046)

8 In AP Payables Entry, you can now enter payable distribution lines from a spreadsheet using the Copy from Clipboard function. Available in V7(025)

9 We have added a Cash Requirements button to the Check Run Screen. This allows the user to call up the Cash Requirements Report without leaving the Check Run Creation screen.

10 We have added the Vendor Memo to the Check Run Check Detail screen. Available in V4(047 )

11 A new Purchasing Class field available for grouping together similar vendors. This field has been added to the Vendor Summary tab. It can be used to filter vendors on your replenishment report. Available in V6(010)

12 New Vendor Status Options allow you to hide vendor records based on authorization levels. Permanent 1 Permanent 2 Permanent 3. Available in V7(027)

13 Price breaks by Qty and Dollar now checked in PO entry and Replenishment

14 We have added Show Order/SO Details to Recommended Replenishment Action. If checked, we will show the following information on the report: Reference (Order or SO #) Customer Number Customer Name Quantity (Open Quantity) Memo (Order Line or Service Order Line)

15 We have added an Update Default Values on the Move Voucher screen so you do not have to re-enter the same vendor code if you have several records to move. Available in V4(046)

16 We have added option to AP Aging Report to include Paid Vouchers. Available in V1(046)

17 Accounts Receivable

18 New ‘Print Payment Receipt’ checkbox in AR Control will default the Print Payment Receipt checkbox in all payments and totals screens so a credit card receipt can be sent every time an invoice is posted with a credit card payment.

19 New ‘Disputed Invoice’ checkbox allows you to mark an invoice record that will not be included in the credit check of the customer.

20 Status Options on Lead Code and Ship Via so you can mark unused records as Inactive.

21 You can now add an image to Salesperson Maintenance – Field Service Tab. This is uploaded by adding the image to the file room with the reference = signature.

22 Enhanced the Duplicate option in Field Service tab on the Salesperson. Now you can pick which fields you would like to duplicate, then select the tech record you would like to duplicate to.

23 We have added two new tabs in Form Control Maintenance – Service Invoice and Order Invoice. You can now set specific Service Invoice and Order Invoice Forms to print by division. Available in 7(021)

24 Invoice Top Memo field now prints on the AR Aging Report by Job.

25 You can now subtotal your Invoice/Credit Memo Total Report by Division, Site Customer, Charge Customer or Invoice Type. The ability to filter by Salesperson has been added to AR Aging Report by Job.

26 New look to the Invoice Tax Report. Also added option to subtotal by county.

27 Job Cost

28 New search criteria have been added to Job Browse: Charge Customer # User ID Project Number Available in V7(015)


30 When duplicating a job, choose to keep the salesperson(s) from the summary tab as well as the salesperson tab where % splits are stored. Available in V7(006)

31 You can now see the Action Reference Value (if applicable), the Transfer Sheet Memos and Transfer Sheet Line Memos in the PO/Transfer Sheet Tab in the job record. Available in V7(012)

32 Additional Field 20 in the Job Cost Control File will print on the Certified Payroll Report as the Insurance Company. Available in V6(039) Lead Type has been added to the Job Listing by Salesperson by Division Report. Available in V6(039)

33 New Report: Job Cost Profit by Month. Available in V7(031)

34 Job Listing by Date report has been updated and improved. It also has Quick Format option to run to excel Available in V6(034)

35 Two new reports have been added to Job Management - Reports: Job Overview Report and Job Order Recap Report. Available in V7(028)

36 The Work in Process Backlog Report can now be filtered by User ID. You can now filter the Job Order Recap Report by Job Status.

37 Huge changes coming to jobs overall. Complete Job Cost Makeover is in the works: 1.Increased visibility to track changes to your Budget & Revisions. 2.Re-introducing Job Phases 3.Drill down capabilities on open PO values to see what costs have yet to be received. 4.Drill down capabilities on all Cost Code totals in Budget screen to see the actual transactions that make up the totals. 5.Revised Change Order process to make it easier to track budgets and actual costs for the changes. 6.Job Overhead applied by Cost Code instead of Overhead by Category.

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