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Service and Dispatch Updates Presented by: Derek Kratz.

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1 Service and Dispatch Updates Presented by: Derek Kratz

2 You can now set up and maintain your own service order status codes. This feature is available in Service Set Up under Service Order Status Code Maintenance. You can change, edit, add or delete all your own user- defined status codes for service orders. These codes can also be added to your service dispatch board columns.

3 New options on Call Type: SA Optional Equipment Required Warranty SO Install Date Required Warranty Date Required When Warranty SO is checked, Install Date and Warranty date will become enabled. Checking these boxes will require that information on the Service Order.

4 NEW Schedule Type Maintenance allows you to create your own list of task categories to use on the dispatch board. Also, now you can assign activity codes to tasks for indirect labor.

5 Time Slot Maintenance is now available in Service Set Up Menu. Defaults can be set up in Service Dispatch Control. It is used to assign calls to days and time slots instead of specific times.

6 Add a color to each salesperson record. Based on this color, the Map All, Route All, Route Tech and Map Tech will appear on the map based on tech

7 Update the vehicle assigned to your technician right from the Dispatch Board.

8 Quick Edit button on Labor Code

9 New Where Used tab shows where labor code is in use.

10 Charge for Parts, Charge for Labor - handy for SA service orders Active & Inactive Status

11 An Item tab has been added to Flat Rate Maintenance. Any items in this tab will be added to the service order when the flat rate they are tied to is added to a service order line.

12 New Assign Schedule No & Delete Schedule Options. Allow: User can delete the record without message or warning. Warn: We show a message that says Item xxx is tied to this schedule record. Do you still wish to delete? and allow deletion. Dont Allow: We show a message that says Item is tied to this schedule record, or Labor line is tied to this schedule record. Delete not allowed.

13 We have added Territory to the Map Grid selections in Service Dispatch Control. Urgency Code Required has been added to Service Dispatch Control.

14 New message tab allows you to configure the fields you want to send to your tech with the message option on the dispatch board. This uses message format #4

15 We have added a Service Order Memo to the Service Invoice Control Maintenance Message Tab. This memo will print on your service orders if your form has the correct configuration.

16 You will now see the Brand and Model of the equipment that is tied to the Service Order in the Service Order Details Box on the lower left of the Dispatch screen. ** Only the first model will be listed here due to space constraints.

17 So Status Begins SO Date Type Selection SO Date: Enter a number and select ==, => or =<. Based on your settings, the board will show Service orders based on your date selection. For example - if you enter -1, and ==and todays date is October 30 th, then the column will display all Service Orders for October 29 th.

18 Set your own column labels

19 The Schedule Days field has been added to User Maintenance. You may enter a value from 7 to 90. The value will be the default value that populates to the Schedule screen for Number of Days in the 90 Day Schedule screen.

20 You can also now filter by territory and see the highlighted SO details in the bottom grid. We have added column totals to the 90 Day Schedule Screen.

21 We have added Requested By and Authorized By to Dispatch Board Message Format 1.

22 Highlight any Service Order record on the dispatch board and hit Y on your keyboard – you will be able to add an activity record on the fly.

23 Service Order Changes

24 We now have a Status tab and Item Status tab in the Service Order. Item activity on the Service Order will now be tracked under its own tab. We have added Urgency and Territory columns to the Schedule tab in Service Order.

25 We have also added a New Activity button to the Service Order summary screen.

26 You can create a custom Equipment Details grid in Service Order Summary. Complete instructions on setting this up can be found on line in our website Help Documents under Custom Grid Maintenance

27 Service Invoicing Changes

28 You will now find the SO equipment number on the Service Invoicing – Items tab and the Service Invoicing – Labor tab.

29 New Service Reports

30 There is a new report on the Service Reports menu – Service Order Item Report. This report includes the following data: SO Number Date Div Charge Cust No. Name Tech Call Type Bill Type Item No Description Whs Orig Open

31 A new report has been added to Service Invoice Reports called Report for SO Dates. Below is an example from our sample database.

32 Service Agreement Changes

33 A Show Equipment checkbox has been added to the Service Agreement Summary Screen. If this is checked, the information for any equipment tied to the Service Agreement will be printed on your Service Order.

34 Service Report Changes

35 In the Schedule List criteria selection, From-To Tech/Salesperson has been enhanced to Matches/List Tech/Salesperson. You can now include Unbilled Hours in your Tech Productivity Report.

36 We have added columns to the Quick Format version of the Service Order List report: Unit ID Mfg Model Type Serial No Sales Territory

37 An output screen has been added to the Reschedule Open Calls function so that you can add it to your scheduler. You can now include Unbilled Hours in your Tech Productivity Report.

38 From/To Call Type filter has been added to the Service Order Pre-Billing Report. SO Time and Trips Report can now be filtered by Technician.

39 We have added the Quick Format option to the Time Sheet Entry List Report.

40 Service Critieria Selection Changes

41 You can now browse service orders by Request Code. The ability to filter by Call Type has been added to the Service Invoice Totals Report.

42 Questions?

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