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CIMS FMS. CIMS Navigation Tips Function keys Working with spool files/ jobs CIMS navigation.

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2 CIMS Navigation Tips Function keys Working with spool files/ jobs CIMS navigation

3 Function Keys Function Keys – “F” keys –F1 –Help –F3 – Exit –F4 – Lookup –F5 – Refresh –F12 – Cancel Field Exit –Defined by keyboarding mapping

4 CIMS Navigation Assignments Menus –Choose menu number to enter menu option –Use Enter key to go to previous menu Command Screens –Used to add, change, lookup, index, and delete information. –Use “E” to go to previous screen

5 AS400 Commands Use Escape to access AS/400 Operational Assistant (TM) Menu –Work with printer output 2 to change printer 4 to delete 5 to view online 6 to release –Work with jobs Statuses – JOBQ, ACTIVE, MSGW, OUTQ

6 CIMS Products FMS Account Codes Budget Vendors Accounts Payable Oregon Feature Code EMS Employees Assignments Deductions Payroll Processor

7 FMS systems General Ledger System Bank Accounts Purchasing/AP

8 General Ledger General Options Document IDs Chart of Accounts –Account structure –Account codes Account Transaction Activity Lookup Reports

9 General System Options Access to accounts Purchasing options Receiving options Accounts Payable options

10 Document IDs Any item that requires a numbered control is considered a Document –Checks –Purchase orders –Deposits Document numbering – user input or system generated

11 Define Account Code Format Define format used (state defined) Define elements used by district Define length of elements Define type of characters used in elements Define element codes

12 Defining Subledgers Three Subledgers are required: –A/P- W/H – F/A

13 Defining New Accounts Define account elements – Fund – 100 – “General Fund” Define account codes – function object combination –1111.111 “Certified Salaries/ K-3” –Determines account financial classification Define account code “strings” –Fund.Function.Object.Area. Subarea Ex. 100.1111.111.130.000 –Program will allow entry of beginning balance –Program determines status of account string

14 Account Keywords Keywords are used to attach items to make automatic entries Several Keywords are required –Interfund –Interfund_ems –Payable –Backup_withhold

15 Account Restrictions Restrict access by account or account element Set online PO approval routing

16 Account Balance lookup Lookup account online to view –Beginning balances –Closed adjustments/transactions –Unclosed adjustments/transactions –Remaining balance

17 Journal Entries Types of journal entries –Adjusting – transactions –Budget –Encumbrance Must be balanced transaction – debits equal credits

18 Month End All users need to be out of FMS & EMS Close month as many times as needed Associates transactions with month name

19 Bank Accounts Bank accounts – define GL number to post transactions to –Inter-fund transfers through 999 account –Keyword determines interfund entries.

20 Cash Clearing The total amount of cash in bank (for all funds) is not recorded in an “interfund”account. A “Cash Clearing Fund” (999) with an interfund account is defined. The Cash Clearing Fund (999) account is identified on the bank identifier screen as the general ledger cash account. The system automatically adjusts the interfund accounts each time a cash transaction between funds is recorded to keep all funds in balance. The total of all funds’ Cash in Bank account balances should always match the actual cash in bank.

21 Beginning Balance Setup

22 Deposit Entry Enter amount for deposit document Enter revenue accounts on detail screen

23 Deposit – Cash Clearing Interfund Account 999.0101.900.000.000 General Cash Account 100.0101.900.000.000 General Revenue Account 100.1111.000.000.000 Grant Revenue Account 250.1111.000.000.000 Grant Bank Account 250.0101.900.000.000 Deposit $500,000 - $200,000 to general fund and $300,000 to Grant Fund 500,000.00 200,000.00 300,000.00 200,000.00 300,000.00 200,000.00 300,000.00

24 Purchasing/ Accounts Payable Vendors Purchase Orders Accounts Payable Requisitions

25 Purchasing/ AP Vendor setup and maintenance Requisitions Purchase orders Online approval Invoice batches

26 Purchasing Defaults Ship – to address Purchase order messages Purchase order defaults Vendor categories

27 Vendor records Vendor demographics Hold payments Payment priority Liability account keyword 1099 vendor status Vendor category

28 Purchasing/ Accounts Payable Vendors Purchase Orders Accounts Payable Requisitions

29 Requisitions Requisition by “Req” document and vendor –Ship to information –Blanket requisition or detail requisition –Account information Print requisition forms Approve requisition

30 Purchasing/ Accounts Payable Vendors Purchase Orders Accounts Payable Requisitions

31 Purchase Orders Add purchase order by vendor Create purchase order from requisition Print purchase order –Encumbrance Approve purchase order

32 Receiving Receive items on PO – required for Fixed Assets Print receiving log

33 Accounts Payable Batch edit options Batch entry Batch edit listing Posting batches

34 AP Checks Check writer – all posted invoices to be paid Manual check – posted invoices or directly update accounts

35 NWRESD Contacts Direct Line – (503) 614-1688 Toll free – 1-888-990-7500 ext 688 E-mail –

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