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What’s New and “Under Construction “ in Accounting Presented by: Nancy Ross.

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1 What’s New and “Under Construction “ in Accounting Presented by: Nancy Ross

2 What’s New

3 Financial Statements 1.Do comparisons between divisions on the same statement. 2.Drill down to see the contents of any individual cell on the statement – including the actual invoice, service order, etc. 3.Note: More details can be found in the New Financial Statements presentation.

4 Use Tax – Do you need a way to cost tax on materials to your service orders and jobs without paying tax to your vendors? – See our PowerPoint Presentation on Use Tax!

5 Revamped Bank Reconciliation – Use our new Bank Reconciliation Program to enter adjustments and transfers within the Reconciliation Screen. – Eliminate journal entries for adjustments – and do them in the Bank Reconciliation instead. – See our PowerPoint Presentation for more info.

6 EFT Transfers Eliminate postage, ink, and envelopes by preparing EFT check runs. See our PowerPoint presentation for more

7 Import Payments with Auto Apply Do you have recurring payments from your customers? See how to load a file from your bank and create and post payments automatically. See our PowerPoint presentation for more details.

8 Auto Bill Service Agreement Invoices and post Credit Card Payments in one Batch Send a payment request to your credit card processor, then bill the monthly invoice upon approval – all in batch mode. See our PowerPoint presentation for more information.

9 Tracking Budget Payments Have customers who are scheduled for monthly payments on account? Track them with our Budget Tab on Service Agreements. See our PowerPoint presentation for more information.

10 Out of Balance on AR or AP vs. General Ledger? Use the Data Fix menu to find either out of balance transactions – or transactions that don’t post equally between AR/AP and the General Ledger.

11 Misc. Data Utilities


13 Linked Call Feature for Deferred Revenue – Use the new “linked call” option on recognizing revenue in the month in which the call is complete – not the month the call is scheduled. – Better revenue matching. – See out PowerPoint presentation for more information.

14 Reverse AR Payment with new “NSF” option

15 Reset Scheduler Log List

16 Purge data by date

17 Auto Create A/P Line in voucher entry – 1. Easy way to “break down” a bill from your cell phone or Gas/Oil provider. – 2. Set up AP Distribution Codes for each technician or salesperson. – 3. Create an Excel spreadsheet, or import spreadsheet from your vendor, marking each expense line to the actual tech/salesperson. – 4. Copy the spreadsheet – then select “copy clipboard” into the AP voucher distribution screen.

18 Load Excel Sheet Data into A/P Voucher Entry Create Spreadsheet per example below: DivisionDebitCreditGl CodeTaxDeptDistr. 212006010 arey 212006010broh 212006010catk

19 Create Voucher, then load Spreadsheet

20 OK to Post Entries from Spreadsheet are copied into the voucher lines.

21 Split GL Codes on SA Invoicing. Want to split SA Invoices into multiples sales accounts? -- either at time of invoicing, or at time of revenue recognition? Set up the “GL Code” tab on the Service Agreement with the amount to be split per division/GL code. See our PowerPoint presentation for more information.

22 No payment posting to any Customer Deposit. – A customer deposit on a work order or parts order cannot be modified in any way on the payments entry screen. – If a payment is entered as a deposit to an incorrect work order/order/customer, remove with a negative payment on the original order/work order.

23 Customer AR Screen vs. Payments Entry Screen.


25 Under Construction in GE.

26 New Month End Interface New month end interface program will let user select which interfaces to process. This new program will then process each interface in order, completing one before starting the next.

27 New Month End Process One function will now process: 1Capture month end balances for each item/warehouse. 2. Capture all unbilled items in Orders and Service Orders. 3. Capture unbilled labor.

28 4.Ability to find “Out of Balance” problems in Parts Orders and Work Orders. 5. Ability to find “Out of Balance” problems with Inventory Valuation. 6. Find all un-posted records for month being closed and produce report. 7.Final interface any remaining records. 8.Increment Period

29 New Collection Process 1. Interactive screen that will display open Accounts Receivable records based on your selections. 2. Select record for collection – and view any existing activities, or create a new activity. 3. Ability to “drill down” into the actual invoice.


31 SA Labor Entry from AP Voucher Entry Do your sub-agents bill you for labor performed on warranty work? Create the labor line for the work order as you are processing the A/P voucher from the sub- agent.

32 Thank you !

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