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Tools & Processes for Managing Price Updates in Global Edge Presented by: Derek Kratz.

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1 Tools & Processes for Managing Price Updates in Global Edge Presented by: Derek Kratz

2 Long term ease of maintenance on your items begins right at the start, when setting up the item record. If you wish to have set sell prices, then it’s important that no matter what item number you assign for internal use, ALWAYS set the Mfg Item No based on the OEM mfg or the supply house that you will use for your price updates.

3 For each manufacturer, set the Price Warning to a meaningful value, based on how frequently you expect to get price list updates. Any items from this mfg that are not updated with new pricing within this time frame will turn red on all lookup screens and during Service Item Entry and Order Entry

4 If you subscribe to our E2 price list service, you can download new price sheets directly from the Global Edge menu. Although the majority of our price lists are for the CFESA (foodservice) industry, we are starting to compile additional ones for HVAC and PEI. Staying on top of new price list releases is often a difficult task. Anytime you receive updated pricing, you can email it to and we will upload that to our master price list database. From there, you can download it in the format that is needed to update your items in GE. There is also a new program releasing which will allow your items to be updated automatically.

5 Search for price lists that have been modified within a specific date range. Choose one or mulitple manufacturers that you wish to download the latest price list for

6 The program will create an excel file and automatically open the import program.

7 The price list import program can also be opened from the Inventory Utilities Menu – Item Price / Cost Import

8 The import template has a maximum 27 columns. Not all are mandatory. Only the fields in RED are required

9 The Price / Cost Import program finds matching items based on Mfg Item Number + Mfg Code combination. If a matching item record is found, the program will update up to 5 price fields and the vendor cost. If no matching item record is found, the program then checks the Catalog Record for a match. If it finds a match, it updates the same fields listed above. If no matching item record is found in either list, the program will then optionally create a new catalog record. Utilizing this feature ensures that your users have access to a complete list of MFG parts when searching for parts they need. The program prevents duplicate items from being created by appending a 3 char mfg code as a suffix to any item number that already exists in either the item list or catalog.

10 If the Item Price / Cost Import program is more than you are interested in doing, you can also update item pricing using the Data Import program on the System Utilities – Conversion Programs menu. This program requires as few as 2 columns on a spreadsheet to update an item record.

11 A new program has been added to the Inventory – Utilities menu which allows you update last cost in the warehouse from any price level on the item summary tab, from standard cost 1 or 2 or from the last cost of any other warehouse. This will help ensure that last costs are always up to date prior to taking a physical count. Last cost in the warehouse is the cost that the system uses when there is a positive variance (you count more than the system thinks you have on hand).

12 The newest program can be set to run on your scheduler and will use web services to check item pricing in GE with the latest pricing in E2. Items that are different will be updated. A field in the inventory control sets the amount of allowed variance (to prevent items with differing UOM’s from being updated), and a field on the item record allows you to prevent individual items from being modified.

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