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Chitresh Madhavan 4 th Year IT Department SRR Engineering College.

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1 Chitresh Madhavan 4 th Year IT Department SRR Engineering College

2  Green Energy  Green Consumer  Green Energy System At local Level  Using Green Energy  Why Green Energy?  Limitations of Green Energy  MY INNOVATION  Conclusion  References

3  Green energy is a natural energetic process can that be harnessed with little pollution.  Geothermal power, wind power, small- scale hydropower, solar energy, biomass power, tidal power, wave power.  Some definition may also include power derived from the incineration of waste.

4  By participating in a green energy program a consumer may be having an effect on the energy sources used and ultimately might be helping to promote and expand the use of green energy.  Green energy consumers should either obligate the utility companies to increase the amount of green energy that they purchase from the pool or directly fund the green energy through a green power provider.

5  At local level, people can install their own electrical grid and have their own renewable energy system that can produce energy.  Renewable energy electrical systems from solar to wind to even local hydro-power in some cases, are some of the many types of renewable energy systems available locally.  In geographic locations where the Earth's Crust is especially thin, or near volcanoes there exists the potential to generate even more electricity than would be possible at other sites.

6  Green energy, after its generation, needs to be stored in a medium for use with autonomous devices.  To provide household electricity in remote areas energy storage is required for use with green energy or otherwise known as renewable energy.  For example, energy carriers as hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, compressed air, oxyhydrogen, batteries can be used to power vehicles.

7  Green energy power plants do provide a steady flow of energy. For example hydropower plants, ocean thermal plants provide power at a regulated pace, and thus power sources are available at any given moment.  At present however, the number of steady-flow renewable energy plants alone is still too small to meet energy demands at the times of the day when the irregular producing renewable energy plants cannot produce power.

8  No power source is entirely impact-free. All energy sources require energy and give rise to some degree of pollution from manufacture of the technology.  Some people have argued that although green energy is a commendable effort in solving the world's increasing energy consumption, it must be accompanied by a cultural change, namely one that encourages the decrease of the world's appetite for energy, if it is to have the impact the world so eagerly anticipates.


10  Objective:  To generate electricity using solid-wastes by combusting them in large chambers. I would like to embolden here that this project would serve for both solid-waste management as well as, an alternate source of energy.

11  Initially, we would require large chamber C1 in which the solid wastes are to be dumped. The solid wastes can be ignited using solar power.This can be done by using several fresnel lens and placing the wastes at the foci.Now, the wastes are ignited.There are 2 windows in the chamber(C1) viz.,W1 and W2. Now,smoke is produced due to ignition and the smoke is allowed to pass through W1 and later collected by another movable chamber C2,placed above the chamber C1 and held by a rigid tower.The chamber C2, also contains windows-W3 and W4. Through W3, mechanical pressure (by means of manual force) is applied without any air gap by using a pressure piston P.

12  Now, this pressure pushes the smoke through W4. W4 is connected to a cylindrical arrangement, through which the smoke passes. Inside the arrangement, several thermocouples are connected to the walls which convert the heat into electricity. The generation mechanism is simple and well-known to us. The other end of cylindrical arrangement is connected to chamber C1 through W2, where valves are fixed to prevent backflow of smoke. The smoke produced is continuously withdrawn with the help of a Suction device SD connected to W3.

13  Thus, by not using the fossil fuels & by finding a practical solution to the decomposition of solid wastes, we are able to generate electric power. Further, a fraction of power, thus obtained, can be used to operate the pressure piston P. By this process, power produced can be re- cycled and reused to operate the same device.

14  Green energy should thus be given more importance which is going to prove to be one of the best companion for the future generation.  Electricity can be derived and roads can be built from plastics which is one of the major concern today, as it is non- degradable.

15  Wikipedia-Green Energy  The Hindu-(06/07/2013)  Solar Electricity Handbook-Michael Boxwell  Yahoo Answers  Wikipedia-Sustainable Energy  Thermocouples: What one needs to know- Kerlin, Thomas W. & Johnson, Mitchell P.

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