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Bienvenidos a la clase de español Señorita Woeste La sala 1405 Lebanon High School.

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1 Bienvenidos a la clase de español Señorita Woeste La sala 1405 Lebanon High School

2 Srta. Woeste’s Recipe for success:  Arrive to class on time, alert and prepared  Raise hand often to participate (in Spanish) and ask questions  Do homework every night to the best of your ability  Study vocabulary at least 10-15 minutes each day. Daily study will prepare you for quizzes or tests

3 Materials you will need:  3-ring binder  Three dividers  Paper  Pencils  Colored pencils or Markers

4 Grade System  Total Points earned/total possible points = grade average  Example: 400/500=.80=80%  Grading Scale: 92-100 A 83-91B 74-82C 65-73D 0-64F

5 Participation  Each time a student raises his or her hand and answers correctly in Spanish, he/she will receive one participation point.  Every few weeks each student’s points are added together and converted to a grade based on the class average for participation.  Grades reflect the students’ frequency and ability to speak Spanish in class.

6 The dreaded “Págame”  “Págame” a.k.a. “pay me” one participation pt.  Given as a consequence for speaking out in English without permission or disrupting class.

7 Why is it so important for us to speak only Spanish in class?  When you were a baby and first learned English, did your mommy speak to you in Japanese?  Your brain naturally follows the path of least resistance and will not hear Spanish if English is also floating around the classroom.  Spanish is Supercool!!!

8 Tarea Homework Tarea  Homework assignments are checked or collected at the beginning of class each day.  No late homework will be accepted (even if it is finished and in your locker).  Repeated failure to turn in homework assignments will result in a parent phone call.  Copying someone else’s homework is CHEATING. You and the person whose work your copied will each earn a zero.

9 What to do if you are absent…  Check Señorita Woeste’s website for homework and assignments. There is 1:1 ratio for make up days. Therefore, if you missed one day, all work must be turned in one day after you return.  Upon returning ask me for any worksheets or handouts for the days you were absent.  Copy any notes missed during your absence.  Schedule an appointment to make up any tests or quizzes within 2 days. You must take them within the appropriate time (1:1 ratio). You will receive a zero for the test or quiz that is not made up. Make up work is your personal responsibility!

10 ¡Bien hecho!  When you do a good job in Spanish class you could receive: Warrior rewards Positive phone calls or emails home Oral praise

11 Dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T…a BIG “NO, NO”…  To Señorita Woeste  To the Spanish language  To classmates  To yourself Consequences will be given to those who show disrespect.

12 Gratis! Gratis! Gratis! You get two freebies! Bathroom passes You will have 2 per semester. You must have your passbook to go. Per school rules… there are no locker passes. Tarde On time means in the room and in your seat. You get two free tardies (per quarter) after which arriving late to class equals a school detention.

13 Frases Importantes Puedo hablar en inglés? Can I speak in English? Tengo una pregunta.I have a question. No comprendo.I don’t understand. Puedo ir al baño?Can I go to the bathroom?

14 Señorita Woeste   Web page:  Our schools  High School  Teacher Web Pages  My name  Your class  Work Phone: 513-934-5126

15 No es el Fin, sino el principio! (It’s not the end, but the beginning!)

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