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Relative and Absolute Location

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1 Relative and Absolute Location
Where Are WE?

2 How Do We Get There? There are two ways to answer this question….if you would like to determine a place’s location relative to someplace else, then you are looking at its RELATIVE LOCATION. For Example: Kentucky is south of Ohio. OR Meet me at the Starbucks that is next to Izzy’s on Mall Road.

3 Relative Location We are going to focus on Relative Location for a moment. I would like for you to be able to refer to places on a map in terms of where they are located relative to other places….. And I want you to use your cardinal and intermediate directions correctly.

4 Let’s Review Cardinal Directions Intermediate Directions NORTH South
East West Intermediate Directions Northeast Southeast Northwest Southwest

5 Your Task Open you textbook to pages R46-R47.
Use the map on those pages and answer the following five questions: 1. China is ________________of Thailand. 2. Libya is _________________ of Egypt. 3. Peru is _______________ of Brazil. 4. Spain is _________________ of France. 5. Yemen is ______________ of Saudi Arabia.

6 Your Task Using the maps in the back of our textbook write three statements using Cardinal directions and three statements using intermediate directions. Make sure you write the page number of the map you are using next to each sentence. Example: Map Page R49……Honduras is southwest of Cuba.

7 Absolute Location Where a place is SPECIFICALLY located.
This is done in one of two ways. 1. A person given you an exact address. For example: Oakview Court Hebron, KY 41048 Using imaginary lines of Latitude and Longitude For example: 65°N / 32°W

8 Understanding Latitude and Longitude
Let’s SEE what we can LEARN!

9 System of Imaginary Lines
Now let’s look at the grid system that has been created to help us locate any point on a map. To do this we used lines of Latitude and lines of Longitude.

10 Latitude and Longitude
The earth is divided into lots of lines called latitude and longitude.

11 North, South, East and West on The Earth
Let the X axis be the Equator. Let the Y axis be the Prime Meridian that runs through Greenwich outside of London. Latitude and Longitude are the 2 grid points by which you can locate any point on earth. Y X

12 East West, North South on the Earth
That means all points in North America will have a North latitude and a West longitude because it is North of the Equator and West of the Prime Meridian. (N, W) Prime Meridian

13 East West, North South on the Earth
What would be the latitude and longitude directions in Australia? ? Prime Meridian

14 Lines of Latitude Lines that run east and west but measure distance north and south of the equator. Latitudes lines are always written first when given the coordinates of a place. They will always be either North or South.

15 Where is 0 degree Latitude?
The equator is 0 degree latitude. It is an imaginary belt that runs halfway point between the North Pole and the South Pole. Equator

16 What is Latitude? Latitude is the distance from the equator along the Y axis. All points along the equator have a value of 0 degrees latitude. North pole = 90°N South pole = 90°S Values are expressed in terms of degrees. 90°N Y X 90°S

17 Lines of Longitude Lines that run north and south around the earth, but measure distance east and west of the Prime Meridian. They will always be either east or west

18 Where is 0 degree Longitude?
P R I M E D A N Where is 0 degree Longitude? The prime meridian is 0 degrees longitude. This imaginary line runs through the United Kingdom, France, Spain, western Africa, and Antarctica.

19 What is Longitude? Longitude is the distance from the prime meridian along the X axis. All points along the prime meridian have a value of 0 degrees longitude. The earth is divided into two parts, or hemispheres, of east and west longitude. Y X 180°W 180°E

20 What is Longitude? The earth is divided into 360 equal slices (meridians) 180 west and 180 east of the prime meridian Y X 180°W 180°E

21 So Where is (0,0)? The origin point (0,0) is where the equator intersects the prime meridian. (0,0) is off the western coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

22 East West, North South on the Earth
Let each of the four quarters then be designated by North or South and East or West. W E S

23 East West, North South on the Earth
(N, W) (N, E) The N tells us we’re north of the Equator. The S tells us we’re south of the Equator. The E tells us that we’re east of the Prime Meridian. The W tells us that we’re west of the Prime Meridian. (S, W) (S, E)

24 See If You Can Tell In Which Quarter These Latitude and Longitude Are Located
1. 41°N, 21°E 2. 37°N, 76°W 3. 72°S, 141°W 4. 7°S, 23°W 5. 15°N, 29°E 6. 34°S, 151°E A B D C

25 Let's See How You Did! 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. D

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