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Annual General Meeting 21 st January 2015. Agenda Chairman’s report for 2014. Financial report for 2014 and budget for 2015. Strategic Plan. Election.

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1 Annual General Meeting 21 st January 2015

2 Agenda Chairman’s report for 2014. Financial report for 2014 and budget for 2015. Strategic Plan. Election of Committee for 2015. Open discussion.

3 A Way Forward January 2015

4 Position In The Community The Trust is well established and financed, no debt, secure income stream and sound policies Support of a significant part of the community but lacks visibility to some Has recently been through a ‘quiet period’ with no major development Can be difficult to get people to act as Trustees but the current Committee working well

5 Current Issues Car parking at School drop off and pick up times Lack of storage space, particularly for youth club Hall not big enough or suitable for major events Tennis court needs significant repair New playground equipment very expensive

6 Comparison to other Villages Significant development in sport facilities and village halls elsewhere – East Stratton – Micheldever – St Mary Bourne – Itchen Abbas No major funding/grants for North Waltham since the halls were redesigned over 10 years ago

7 Options Maintain the facilities we have but do not expand OR Raise our profile Help the School resolve parking issues Improve the sports facilities Develop a plan for a new village hall We would like your views and agreement to develop the Trust’s facilities significantly over the next few years

8 Our Profile We have already taken steps here - Regular Items in the Parish Magazine Facebook AND a new Trust / Village Website & This brings together information on all village organisations and is shared with the Parish Council


10 Rebranding Over 60 years our name has served us well – BUT Does it really focus on what we do? Do people recognise us as the organisation which owns and maintains the meadow and the pavilion? Or does it sound like we are something to do with preserving the old buildings and character of the village?

11 A New Name? Cuckoo Meadow Trust - providing leisure spaces for North Waltham Cuckoo Meadow Trust

12 Parking Has been a continuing problem for many years Various initiatives by the school have had some success and they are making a determined effort to improve the situation at present We have offered the use of the land between to road and tennis court as a ‘Green’ car park It will be up to HCC and the school to see if and how this can be achieved

13 Sports Facilities It is unlikely we will see an adult football team based in North Waltham. The slope does not meet league requirements and we do not have changing facilities We can develop a junior pitch on the meadow with smaller goals suitable for younger players and for fun games We can also redevelop the tennis court as a multi-sport facility

14 Sport for all? A multisport court with an AstroTurf surface could potentially accommodate: TennisFootballBasketball NetballCage Cricket Hockey It would provide a real centre for both adults and children. Available as an additional school sport space Floodlighting on pay per play – with a 9pm cut off! Longer term option – additional dedicated tennis court if demand exists

15 A Bigger Village Hall? This would be a great asset if achievable Do we need one? The school hall provides for larger events but attendance is still limited for dances, quizzes, auctions etc. The school could use a bigger hall for Xmas plays, prize giving, sport etc. if properly designed A great space for the Youth Club and new activities - dance, amateur dramatics etc. A village Wedding venue

16 Local Halls

17 Hall Options Build a new hall and decommission the Rathbone once completed. It would be VAT free but we would have demolition costs Extend the Rathbone with a separate hall and convert the Doris Cooke Room to provide larger toilets and kitchen Any new build to be eco friendly with low running costs and plenty of storage

18 Our Plan – if you agree Change our name Develop the sports facilities over the next two years. We will gain experience in grant application and managing major projects Undertake a full study on options for a hall and be in a position to put firmer plans to the village once the sport project is complete Take advantage of any community funding IF the hospital plan goes ahead

19 What Next – Your Support We will need to raise significant further funds to undertake these projects. We need a small project team of 2-3 people outside the current committee to take the project work forward. The current Committee are fully engaged with running what we have – everyone has a job! A panel of ‘friends’ who we can turn to for expert advice on planning, legal, design & building issues etc.

20 Questions!

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