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Tuition and fees Patriot power card (p2) Kris Marquis

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1 Tuition and fees Patriot power card (p2) Kris Marquis
Interim Director of Student Business Services University of Texas at Tyler

2 Fall tuition and fees In Mid July, bills will be available for Fall 2014. will be sent to your student Patriot account Bills are not mailed. Only available online through myUTTyler Student Center. Tuition and Fee schedule available online at

3 Balance was due by August 22 at 5 pm.
Fall 2014 tuition and fees Balance was due by August 22 at 5 pm. -Pay online through myUTTyler -In person -Over the phone (903) -Mail to attention Cashiers’ Office -Fax (903) - to 3

4 Patriot power card p2

5 P2 card student Id If you are enrolled in your classes, pick up your P2 Card at the Enrollment Services Center (One Stop Shop) with a cashier at ADM 230 To receive your P2 Card by mail, you must do the following: the (from your Patriot's account) the following items: A jpeg head shot picture of yourself A copy of your valid driver's license The address you want your P2 Card mailed

6 P2 Card student ID Sample of the back of the P2 Card

7 Holographic magnetic stripe (silver)
If you choose to have your refund applied to your card: You must activate your card (800) This is not a credit card Use anywhere Discover Cards are accepted No fees You will receive a welcome packet with this card for more information Visit for more information. Deposits Money that has been refunded to you by the University Money that you deposited onto our card through UT Tyler’s Cashiers’ Office Money you deposited onto your card through the online system at

8 Black magstripe Door access Buckets of Money Access to Patriot Bucks
Dining Dollars Pharos Dollars Financial Aid Door access O-Hall and Patriot Village Classrooms Access to Meal plans at The Met Cowan Center Vote in student elections University Health Clinic

9 Patriot bucks vs. dining dollars
Accepted everywhere on-campus & various off-campus locations Refundable to you when you graduate or leave the University Account Information Online at Deposit funds Online at Account Management Center (UC & BUS) Cashiers Office myUTTyler Accepted on-campus C-Store Lapse at the end of each semester Account Information Online at Deposit funds Online at

10 Other money Financial Aid Pharos Dollars
Paid for in with your tuition and fees $25 is put on your card for the semester Print at the library or any of the computer labs Once you have exhausted these funds you will have put deposit Patriot Bucks onto your card for additional printing Financial Aid Scholarships and grants are disbursed early in the semester but not refunded to you until a couple of weeks into the semester These funds are made available to you on your P2 card to use at Barnes & Nobles on-campus Charges that you make will be reflected on your account in myUTTyler On the refund date, these funds will be cleared and refunded to the Money Network (Discover) side of your P2 card

11 Discover card and p2 portals
Discover Card Stripe: P2 Stripe: Portal Facts: Deposit additional funds Receive a statement of your account

12 Choose your refund preference
To receive your financial aid refund, you must go online and choose your refund preference. You will only need to make this choice once.  If in the future you would like to change your refund preference, you must come to the Enrollment Services Center and see a cashier to make this change.  Go to Click on “Make Refund Preference” on left hand side menu. Choose Option 1 or 2

13 Choose your refund preference
OPTION 1 Refund to the P2 Card Money Network® account Receive your refund the same day UT Tyler processes the refund The account gives you "free and clear" access to your funds by using In-Network ATMs, checks or using the card anywhere Discover® debit cards are accepted Funds are FDIC insured This account is not a credit card

14 Choose your refund preference
OPTION 2 Receive a paper check from UT Tyler through the US mail to the home address in myUTTyler.  Note: An ACH option will be coming soon. An will be sent to your Patriots’ account to give you instructions.

15 Choose your refund preference Get your Student ID
Things to do Choose your refund preference Get your Student ID Activate your Student ID Pay your Fall 2014 bill. Next drop for non-payment is Monday September 8 (Census Date)

16 Cashier’s office Questions?

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