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Tuition Bill and How Best to Pay Things to be Aware of Questions Presented by Student Fiscal Services 2014 UW Tacoma Parent Orientation.

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1 Tuition Bill and How Best to Pay Things to be Aware of Questions Presented by Student Fiscal Services 2014 UW Tacoma Parent Orientation

2 Student Fiscal Services Tuition Bill Online Tuition Statement o Found in MyUW o Payment Options: Webcheck is free, fast, and safe o Payment shows immediately o No chance that check is lost in the mail or stolen o Other options: check, credit card with a 2.3% fee, or in person Tuition is Due by the 3rd Friday of the Quarter

3 Student Fiscal Services

4 Tuition Bill Student Gives YOU Access to the Bill o You will receive an email with instructions o Get your student’s UW number o Ask your student for your challenge question

5 Student Fiscal Services Student Gives YOU Access to the Bill

6 Student Fiscal Services Things To Be Aware Of Aid: Generally, tuition and fees are paid first from any scholarships, grants, or loans received Additional fees: Fees can be charged throughout the quarter- check the bill periodically (Late changes or fees, lost U Pass, class fees etc.) Important Dates: Make sure your student is aware of deadlines for class or credit changes without a penalty Taxes : Opt out of the paper form-> you can print the 1098-T online to get it earlier and more efficiently Call your tax accountant to ask about tax credits!

7 Student Fiscal Services Student Loans – Financial Aid FAFSA must be completed by February 28 – (contact Financial Aid if this was not done) Once an offer is made by the Financial Aid Office, student must accept aid and sign the appropriate promissory notes Parent signs the Plus Loan Master Promissory Note and completes request process online: Always have student confirm that their tuition and fees are paid prior to using any funds sent to them via check or Direct Deposit

8 Student Fiscal Services Upass (If selected $45quarter) Late Fees  $50 to $249.99  $50  $250 and over  $120 Course/Lab fees Tuition Forfeiture Add/Drop Fee Insurance Short Term Loan  $2500 available UW Housing Study Abroad Other Fees You May See in the Detail

9 Student Fiscal Services Taxes U.S. Resident American Opportunity Form 1098T Non U.S. Resident Form 1042S

10 Student Fiscal Services Additional Information Payment Plan UPASS Non-UW Scholarships GET Veterans

11 Student Fiscal Services 11 Guidelines Payments can be made in three installments during the current quarter Forms located in the Cashier’s Office or online $10 Service Fee due with the first payment Due dates are the first, third and fifth Friday of the quarter Each late payment is subject to a $55 late fee Tuition Payment Plan How does it work? The Tuition payment plan option allows students to pay their quarterly tuition in three installments. The amount of each installment is determined by the student and should be calculated based on the total tuition balance that remains outstanding. The total of the three installments should equal the total tuition the student account has outstanding. A $10 fee is assessed at the time of enrollment. All installments must be received prior to the posted due dates to avoid administrative holds and or late fees. Who is eligible? The Tuition Payment Plan is an option available to all students who opt to enroll and do so on or before the posted enrollment deadline for the quarter in question. Please be advised that late enrollments cannot be accepted. Completed enrollment forms must be received no later than 5 p.m. on the due date in order to be accepted into the plan: postmarks will not be accepted. Dates The due dates are always the first, third and fifth Fridays of the quarter. If the initial payment is not received by the first due date, you will not be accepted into the program. The remaining two payments are each subject to a $55 late fee if they are not made on time. Payments Payments can be made at the Cashier’s Office, the Cashier’s Office Drop Boxes, or online at no cost to you by logging into MyUW, clicking on your "Tuition Statement" and selecting the "Web Check" option. Review the payment plan enrollment form for complete details.MyUW NEW: If your first payment is made online, your enrollment form must be received prior to 5 p.m. on the first Friday of the quarter. Please write on the form that you will be paying on online through your MyUW account. If your payment is not posted on your account by the enrollment deadline, your enrollment will be denied. Forms Enrollment forms are available at the UW Tacoma Cashier’s Office, located in CAR 400. They are also available online at

12 Student Fiscal Services 12 Student Purchasing a U-PASS? Up to and on the 7th Calendar Day of the Quarter: Students opt into the U-PASS program through the Optional Charges tab via MyUW before registering. MyUW You can change your U-PASS selection through your MyUW account up to the 7th calendar day of the quarter (including weekends and holidays) by completing the following steps: 1. Log onto your MyUW 2. Go the "Student Finances" tab (located in the left hand side). Click on "Health Insurance/Optional Charges". You should then see language about purchasing a U-PASS. If you would like one, select yes. After the 7th Day of the Quarter You cannot opt out of the U-PASS program after the 7th day of the quarter (including weekends and holidays). Students who did not opt into the U-PASS program and want to purchase one after the 7th day of the quarter can do so thru the online student U-PASS order form. online student U-PASS order form Paying for your U-PASS The $45 charge for your U-PASS will post to your student account and is due at the time of the UW tuition deadline. Pay your balance for FREE ONLINE by logging into your MyUW account and selecting the web check option (will need checking account and routing number) or at the Cashier’s Office located in Carlton 400. If you do not pay for your U-PASS by the specified tuition payment due date, you may be assessed a late payment fee.MyUW

13 Student Fiscal Services Non-UW Scholarships Students need to report all scholarships to the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), if they were not already reported on their award notice. Forgetting to report all scholarships can cause problems with their financial aid award and in some cases may require them to return some of their financial aid money. Scholarships will reduce a student’s unmet need first, and then loans and/or work study before any grants or UW scholarships are reduced. Scholarships checks are sent to: University of Washington, Scholarships Box 24967 Seattle, WA 98124-1967

14 Student Fiscal Services Parents - Go to You can request in Fall for all three quarters or You can request each quarter separately Questions about how much or how many units - contact the GET office UW Process UW receives GET funds twice a week during the first three weeks of the quarter We will post your payment as soon as it is received The GET program can take up to 2 weeks to process payments- request early!!

15 Student Fiscal Services MILITARY VA Student applies for the benefit in the UW VA office in the HUB 327 VA office certifies the account and requests the money for the student SFS pays tuition for the student after we receive the funds VA funds usually come in the 4 th or 5 th week of the quarter- we waive late fee ROTC Contact the ROTC unit on campus for your scholarship questions.  Army: 206-543-9010  Navy: 206-543-0170  Air Force: 206-543-2360

16 Student Fiscal Services MAT 213 129 Schmitz Hall Which Office? CAR 400 Cashier’s Office: Tuition Statement Payments (Cash/Checks Only) Parking Citation Payments Transcript Request Payments Miscellaneous Fee Payments Student Fiscal Services for: Items on The Tuition Statement Payment of Tuition and Fees Outside Sponsor Payments Disbursement of Awarded Aid Financial Aid: Handles Applications Determines Eligibility Monitors Eligibility Helps Finalize Award Revises Eligibility

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