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2 Ashley Krinjeck, Accounts Receivable
WELCOME BUSINESS OFFICE Tom Fritz, Controller Tom Kendziora, Bursar Ashley Krinjeck, Accounts Receivable PLEASE HOLD ALL QUESTIONS UNTIL THE END OF BOTH PRESENTATIONS

3 SOAR: PARENT SESSION Business Office
General Contact Information Student Billing Methods of Payment Student Account Information Miscellaneous WANT TO REVIEW TODAY: Who to Contact… Billing… How to pay us… What’s our Procedure & Policy… Other…

4 GENERAL CONTACT INFORMATION Business Office – (814) or Scotus Hall, Room 323 Office Hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Student Account Questions: Christina Wood (Cashier) (814) (Accounts Receivable Specialist) (814) Cashier posts all payments and can help with these inquiries… Accounts Receivable Specialist can help with all billing account inquiries…

5 Student Billing Cycle 1. April (fall) November (spring) March (summer): Semester Registration 2. July (fall) December (spring) April (summer): First Billing Statement 3. Monthly Billing Statements Fall Semester: Current Students register in April First Billing Statement available on-line at beginning of July; Due first week of August Statements will then be produced twice a month for any unpaid balances or new charges Spring Semester: -Current Students register in November -First Billing Statement available on-line at beginning of December; Due first week of January -Statements will then be produced twice a month for any unpaid balances or new charges Summer Semester: -Current Students register in March -First Billing Statement available on-line at middle of April; Due middle of May

Fall Spring 2014 Deposit: $ CR Room & Key Deposit: $ Orientation Fee: $ Flat Tuition Rate: $ 14, $ 14,471.00 Standard Room Rate: $ 2, $ 2,599.00 Meal Plan (unlimited): $ 2, $ 2,574.00 Technology Fee: $ $ Total Per Semester: $ 20, $20,169.00 Financial Aid Awards should be included on your billing statement. Financial Aid will cover in their presentation possible problems if not showing on Student Account Statement REMINDER: Do not include work study awards -- Can’t be applied because depends on students work -- Students are paid by check directly… Calculating Balance Due at beginning of each semester: * Balance from Billing Statement Subtract Financial Aid Awards if not included already (If you have Federal Work Study listed on your Fin. Aid package this Does Not get deducted) Subtract any outside loans or scholarships - Add any additional fees that you may know of that aren’t on the bill yet. (For instance the stafford loans normally have an origination fee of $10 for an unsubsidized loan and $27 for a subsidized loan. If you are receiving these loans you can add them onto the bill to avoid an additional bill in September.) * Balance Due (Send Payment to SFU or Set-Up Payment Plan) ** Optional make changes on statement and mail copy with payment ** -- We will retain for reference -- Please retain a copy for you

7 METHODS OF PAYMENT Cash, Check, or Money Order Payment Plans
Credit or Debit Card Special Arrangements (Wire Transfers) Cash or Check Payment Plan with our outside vendor Tuition Management Services (TMS) Credit or Debit with our outside vendor CASHnet Electronic Funds Transfer with CASHnet as well Contact the Business Office for any other arrangements

8 Cash, Check, or Money Order
Cash, check, or money order payments may be made in person at the Business Office. Check or Money Order payments may be mailed to: Saint Francis University Attn: Business Office P.O. Box 600 Loretto, PA 15940 When you mail a payment to the University, please include the students first & last name & their student billing account number on the memo line [not sure of ID#, last 4 of Social Security number]. Payment may be made directly at the Cashier’s Window outside the Business Office… Mail a payment to this address… When mailing payment please include some information of the student billing account for payment… - Student billing account number from the billing statement This number is also on the front of the student’s photo identification / swipe card Student’s full name - Finally, the last 4 numbers of student’s SSN

9 PAYMENT PLANS Tuition Management Systems
(800) Semester Plans Available Yearly Payment Plans Annual Enrollment Fee = $60.00 10 Total Payments (July 1st to April 1st) 9 Total Payments (August 1st to April 1st) 8 Total Payments (September 1st to April 1st) Payments are due on the 1st of every month and late fees do apply, however, the payment won’t reflect on the student’s bill until the end of the month. Make sure to check your online statement to make sure the budget you set is enough to cover entire balance You will be receiving a Direct Mailing from TMS later this month… You have the option for a semester or annual payment plan… The semester plan is based on 4 payments and will need to be renewed for each semester… The annual plan has three options: 10, 9 or 8 payments… The cost structure for the payment plan is better for an annual than a semester… Please do not hesitate to begin a payment plan if this is your choice… The sooner you are enrolled the better opportunity you have to enroll in the 10 payment option… Any plan can be adjusted at any time to compensate for additional charges or credits on the student’s account… You should design your plan on your full year expense; not just a semester…

The University does not accept credit or debit cards in office or over the phone. There are two options: – Current Students tab, then the Student Finances tab, ‘Go to CashNet’ link or Payments are reflected on student billing account same day. Convenience Fee Charged is 2.75% of amount charged; no fee for bank drafts. Tuition Management Systems at or (800) This one time payment must be made by the 20th of the current month so that they are applied to your bill at SFU in the same month. Convenience Fee Charged is 2.99% of amount charged; no additional charges for an electronic transfer as long as a live representative’s help is not required. Both Options only accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express; VISA will be available for payment July through CashNet Two outside vendors available for credit/debit payments. CASHnet is our preferred vendor. Students may access through the CASHnet link on their tab. Parents may access through the link here which is also located on tab. Tuition Management Systems was our prior option; the University has new relationship with CASH net for one-time credit card & bank draft payments. If you do not have access to CASHnet, this payment option is still available through TMS. The notable differences: The fee for credit card payment of 2.75% compared to 2.99%. Tuition Management System payments are posted monthly; CASH net is posted same day. Tuition Management System has customer service assistance; CASHnet is strictly an on-line option. VISA will be available July 2013

11 Student Account Information https://my. francis
Student Account Information To access student financial information is student identification and password protected. Between your child and you but may want to discuss access if you wish to monitor things. This is what the home page looks like. Your student will log in at the top right of the page. My.Francis is where the student and parent can access the student’s financial information as well as get to CashNet. CashNet is where you or your student will find billing statements as well as the ability to make online payments, sign up for e-refunds, and grant a parent access to the account.

12 Students can click on the ‘Current Students’ tab to access their student account information and get to the CashNet link. After your student logs in they can access their student billing information and the CashNet link by clicking on the “Current Students” tab

13 Once in ‘Current Students’ click on Student Finances or the link for Financial Aid and Billing to get to the student’s financial information. Once you are in the current students tab you can click on either the “Student Finances” tab on the left or you can click on the link under Financial Aid and billing. Both links will go to the student’s finances.

14 Click ‘My Account Balance’ for real time transactions broken down by semester.
When you click on the ‘Student Finance’ tab this is the page you will see. Student Balance -Current ‘real time’ balance If you click on ‘My Account Balance’ it will show you individual semesters and the transactions to go along with it. This is not the student’s official statement. This is just to show real time current activity on the student’s account between the statements being published. This is also a place you can check to see if a payment or refund check has posted to your account.

15 The My Account Balances will show individual semesters and the transactions in each. When you are looking on this page for a total balance only look at the ‘Grand Total’ at the bottom. This will provide your accurate current balance. This will have each semester listed. You can click on each semester and see all transactions associated with the semester chosen. When you look at this page you should refer to the Grand Total and not the individual semester amounts. The Grand Total should match your ‘Balance Due’ on the prior page. After you are here you can go back to the prior page to go to CashNet.

16 To access statements, make an online payment, sign up for e-refunds or give a parent access to the account, click on the ‘Go to CashNet’ link Once you go back to the prior page you will see the link ‘Go to CashNet’ This is where your student would want to go to view an actual statement, make a payment, sign up for e-refunds, or grant a parent access to their account.

17 CashNet Homepage When you click on the ‘Go to CashNet’ link this is your landing page and will show you everything you can do in CashNet. Your Account will show the current balance and you can click on the link to make a payment by credit card or by electronic check. To the right will be Your Bills. You have the option to ‘View All’ or you can select a specific date to view. Bills will be published online twice a month. When a bill is published an automatic will be sent to the student as well as anyone who is given access to the account. Parent PIN’s is where your student can give you access to their account. Once your student clicks on ‘Add New’ under this category they will enter your information and you will get an within 24 hours to create a username and password. Once that is completed you will have access to your student’s account and you will also receive an when a bill is published online. This is also where you can sign up for eRefunds, a direct deposit refund into the account you enter. If you student has paid their tuition in excess due to financial aid, loans, or outside scholarships they can use this as a convenient way to receive those funds instead of a regular check that would need to be cashed. If the student is not signed up for e-refunds the paper check will be sent to the students campus mailbox if they have one. If they do not have a campus mailbox it will be sent to their home address.

18 Parent Log In (Once access is given by student) Click on the Parent tab at the top and you will see the blue link on the right to get to CashNet If your student has given you access to their student account as a 3rd party user you can also access the information through the site. When you go to the homepage you will click on the ‘Parent’ tab at the top of the page

19 This is the parents log in page for CashNet
This is the parents log in page for CashNet. You will need to enter the username/password you created when your student gave you access to the account. *Please remember or write down your account information. The Business Office is not able to look up or change passwords. When a parent clicks on the CashNet link through the Parent tab this is what the log in page will look like. You can then enter your login/username and password that you created when your student originally gave you access. Please remember or write down your password when you originally create it. We do not have access in the Business Office to view or change a parent’s password. The only way to be reset is by your student.

20 Student Account Information
Outstanding Balance Interest Charges on amounts older than 30 days Yearly Interest Rate 15% APR (1.25% monthly balance) If the student has an outstanding balance (amount owed), he/she May not be eligible for next semesters registration May not be eligible to check-in for next semester Will not receive their diploma or transcripts until the balance is paid-in-full Outstanding Balance: -If a student has an outstanding balance older than 30 days a late fee will be assessed at the end of each month An outstanding balance for a current or past semester may impact a students ability to register for courses, to be an active student for the next semester or receive their diploma or transcript.

21 Student Account Information
Non-enrolled student balances older than 90 days from last enrolled status are assigned to outside collection agency. Additional fees may be assessed Communication with Financial Aid and the Business Office is important! We need to know your payment plans if the balance is going to be paid late. If your student departs the University and a balance is still owed, any non-payment of account will necessitate the balance being referred to a collection agency the semester after their departure. So, very important to communicate with the Business Office and Financial Aid Office!

22 Miscellaneous Charges
Health Insurance Mandatory for all full-time students Must enroll or waive insurance. If no action is taken, the student is automatically enrolled and billed on student account. Laptop Buyout – if a student does not return their laptop when they are done at St. Francis a fee will be added to buy the laptop Library Fines – non returned items will have a fine added to the student’s bill Parking Fines Heath Insurance: - The University has a policy that all full-time students must have medical insurance coverage or must purchase the University’s student policy. Very important to complete the enrollment or waiver form before the first day of class!

23 Campus Information Declining Balance (One Card/Student Photo Card): can be used at Frankies, Padua Express, Café Gubio, or the library. Money can be added to the student’s card at our cashier window or at Torvian. ATM Machine: located in the lower level of JFK Cashier Window: students are permitted to cash a personal check, up to $ a day Refund Checks: Account credits or overpayments are returned to the student by either e-refund if they are signed up or by paper check. We process e-refunds on Mondays and they are in the student’s account on Wednesdays. Paper check are available for pick up at the business office on Wednesdays. If not picked up they will be sent to a campus mailbox or home address if a campus mailbox is not assigned. Declining Balance: ATM Machine: Cashier Window: Refunds: eRefunds are processed every Monday morning and the funds are available in bank account Wednesday morning. Checks are processed every Tuesday and the checks are available for pick-up on Wednesday’s. If not picked up, the check is mailed to campus mailbox or home address.

24 MISCELLANEOUS Saint Francis University Business Office web page:
Financial Information tab on the left: Tuition & Fee Schedule; Payment Information; Student Insurance; Withdrawal Policy – Tuition Refunds / Office Contact Information Both of these websites are being updated and finalized for the academic year. Here are the links for the Business Office website and the University Catalog which contains financial information and policies for the University. Information and links are currently being built for the web pages for students and parents. These should be available by the start of the fall semester…


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