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Beatrice M. Sapp Student Financial Services Manager

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1 Beatrice M. Sapp Student Financial Services Manager Library 1 st floor - Two offices Cashier’s Student Accounts

2 Which counter to go to? Cashier’s office (on your right) – Making a payment on your account – Endorsing a check (scholarships, Emergency loan) – Picking up a check(payroll, work-study) (Note: we cannot cash personal checks) Student Accounts (on your left) – Questions about your account, your statement – Need a copy of your statement

3 Perkins Office Third-Party Desk – 529 accounts – Veteran’s administration of benefits – Tuition Guarantees (Tribal, Voc Rehab, Employment Security Office, College Pre- and other paid plans)

4 Office hours 9 am to 4 pm and does not close for lunch hour

5 Charges/ Payments going on your student account – Tuition – Class Fees – Mandatory Fees – Room and Board – Any deposits and payments – Optional charges – Room damages – Library charges – Parking Fines – Health clinic Charges – Media Loans – Lab Store – FINES

6 Tuition Mandatory Fees CAB renovation Fee ($5.75 per credit) Clean Energy Fee ($1.00 per credit) Health Services ($83.00 per quarter) (not Health Insurance) Transit Fee ($2.50 per credit) Late Night Shuttle Fee $5.00 per quarter)


8 Your statement



11 New this year!


13 Statements Continued… Emailed around the 5th of each month. Billing calendar is on our website at services/ services/billing.htm) Statement balances are due by the last day of the billing month. EXCEPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 First Quarterly Statement is due by the fifth day of the quarter (Friday) Fall quarter October 3rd, 2014 WinterJanuary 9, 2015 Spring April 3rd, 2015 Summer June 26, 2015

15 What if my financial aid pays for my tuition and fees? Financial Aid funds will be posted on the student account on the Monday prior to the first day of school After all charges are paid and there is a financial aid surplus a check or e-refund will be processed on Friday morning before the first day of school A check is mailed to the “mailing address” or a E- refund is processed to go directly to the bank account on file (Cannot pick up refund checks at the counter in the exception of emergency loans)

16 Payment Methods Online payment using account E-checks or Credit cards (Discover, MC, VISA, AMEX) Convenience fee: Credit Card 2.75% E-check $0.00 Cashiers’ window open 9:00 am to 4 pm Cash/ Checks / Debit Cards with a pin (MC VISA only) Mail (checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s checks) (note: please no cash in the mail or in the dropbox) Drop Box (entrance to the Student Financial Services office on the East side of the Library building A wing.

17 What happens when the tuition and fee statement is not paid by the due date?

18 ** Tuition and fees are due by the 5 th day of the quarter** Late payment fee $50.00 if not paid by the fifth calendar day of the quarter charged on the following Monday; Second late tuition payment fee $75.00 if not paid by the 30 th calendar day of the quarter; One-percent percent monthly interest fee on unpaid balance; Hold on the account if 30 days past-due (Fall would be November 2 nd ).

19 HOLD on the account will prevent Pre-registration Release of transcripts Release of diploma Will not prevent Financial Aid from posting on the account if registered.

20 REFUNDS? Excess from Financial Aid Overpayment? Refund of a class fee Any other refund from appeals (library, parking….) Choose E-refund

21 New this year! Payment Plan Fall 2015 $40.00 per contract Contracts : 9 months starting in June for the academic year (Fall, Winter and Spring quarters) Pre-Payment

22 The pre-payment plan was first offered on July 1 st, 2014 with a first payment due on August 4 th, 2014 Questions? – Can I still sign up for it? – How much will it cost? – When can I start signing for the 15-16 plan? – Why would I sign up for a pre-payment plan?

23 THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND Pay on time Update your mailing address, preferred email address on account Never ignore a statement Always contact the Student Accounts office if you do not agree with the amount to pay Hold on unpaid account Do not want to wait for a statement to pay ? get an estimate (once registration on record)

24 More things to keep in mind! Pay on time! Know the student A number (no SS) Know how to access your account Never share your password Check, check, check your evergreen email address or the preferred email you chose Sign-up for TEXT message alerts Set-up an authorized user account

25 Thank you and Welcome to Evergreen

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