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Breadalbane Academy Proposed Curriculum Model S4 2015-16.

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1 Breadalbane Academy Proposed Curriculum Model S4 2015-16

2 Requirements of a Senior Phase Curriculum (S4-6) “designing pathways which both ensure young people gain the qualifications they need, and improve their achievement of a wide range of important personal skills including those gained through the qualifications.” CfE Briefing 8 (Curriculum Planning at the Senior Phase)

3 A revised S4 (stage one of our Senior Phase) 6 National Qualifications (N2-N5) 1 Column for Wider Achievement Religious and Moral Education Personal and Social Education PE

4 Wider Achievement might include An SQA short course A Skills for Work Award An SQA Personal Achievement Award A Youth Achievement Award A Sports Leader Award Duke of Edinburgh Award A Saltire Award

5 John`s story John is keen on the outdoors. Very bright and has ambitions for Vet Medicine. In S3 studied English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Drama, Physics, Computing, History and Art and Design as core subjects Studied Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, Archaeology and Mountain Bike Maintenance as achievement masterclasses

6 John`s Senior Phase S4: N5 Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, History and Physics. Wider Achievement: Bronze DoE; Level 4 Employability; N4 Automotive Engineering S5: Higher English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and History. Wider Achievement : Silver DoE S6: AH Maths, Biology and Chemistry. Wider Achievement: Gold DoE; Saltire Award; Extended Work Experience

7 Mary`s Story Mary loves music and wants a career in the Arts. In S3 studied English, Maths, Chemistry, Music, Drama, Modern Studies, Graphic Communication, Business Management as core subjects Studied Costume Design, Sculpture and Photography; French Tourist Brochure and Radio Production as achievement masterclasses

8 Mary`s Senior Phase S4 N5 English, Maths, Drama, Music, Business Management and Chemistry. Wider Achievement: Level 4 Sport and Recreation S5 Higher English, Maths, Drama and Business Management. N5 Modern Studies. Wider Achievement: Level 4 Personal Finance; Saltire Award S6 Advanced Higher English; Higher Psychology and Modern Studies N5 Hospitality. Wider Achievement: Level 4 Digital Literacy; Saltire Award

9 Helen`s story Helen enjoys school but is most interested in sport and being outdoors. In S3 studied English, Maths, PE, French, Geography, Art, Rural Skills, Computing, Biology as core subjects. Studied Mobile Apps, Archaeology, Dance and Tournament Organisation as achievement masterclasses.

10 Helen`s Senior Phase S4: N5 Maths PE and English. N4 Creative Digital Media; Rural Skills and Biology. Wider Achievement: Level 4 Sport and Recreation S5: Higher PE and English; N5 Rural Skills and Biology Level 5 Sport and Recreation. Wider Achievement: Saltire Award S6 Higher English resit; N5 Childcare; Higher Biology ; N4 Art and Design. Wider Achievement: Level 4 Employability. Sports Leader Award. Extended Work Experience.

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