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YEAR 9 GCSE Options 2015-2017 Issues to consider 6 th January 2015.

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1 YEAR 9 GCSE Options 2015-2017 Issues to consider 6 th January 2015

2 THE COMPULSORY SUBJECTS - EXAMINED English Language English Literature Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics RE

3 THE COMPULSORY SUBJECTS- NOT EXAMINED Personal, Social & Health Education Careers & Work Related Learning PE & Games The Enrichment Programme

4 OPTIONAL CURRICULUM (1) Art Computer Science Design & Technology: Resistant Materials French Geography German History Information Technology Music

5 OPTIONAL CURRICULUM (2)  Select three subjects  Two reserve subjects  Only one of Computer Science or Information Technology  Parents will be contacted if we are unable to offer students their preferred three choices  Deadline for receipt of option forms FRIDAY, 6 TH FEBRUARY 2015

6 OPTIONAL CURRICULUM (3) Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme  The opportunity to complete the bronze award is offered to all students in Year 10.  The opportunity to complete the silver award in Year 11 is available to those students who have completed the bronze award in Year 10.

7 OPTIONAL CURRICULUM (4) Enrichment Programme Students study three, ten week courses during both of years 10 & 11. Courses offered during the current academic year include Cooking, Photography, Greek & Roman culture, Philosophy, Politics & Ethics, Radio, International Film & Sports Leadership Award

8 POINTS TO CONSIDER (1)  All students are strongly encouraged to follow a broad curriculum which will include a modern foreign language, a humanity & and one other subject.  All students are strongly encouraged to study one foreign language.  All GCSE subjects are two year linear courses with assessment taking place at the end of Year 11.

9 POINTS TO CONSIDER (2) o Students should appreciate that Geography & History and Modern Foreign Languages are regarded as facilitating subjects by the Russell Group of Universities along with English, Maths & the three sciences.

10 POINTS TO CONSIDER (3)  The English Baccalaureate requires students to have achieved A*-C passes in English Language, Mathematics, two sciences, a foreign language and humanity (Geography or History)  The English Baccalaureate is not a qualification.

11 POINTS TO CONSIDER (4)  At present no university uses the English Baccalaureate as part of its entry requirement.  Entry to the sixth form does not require students to have achieved the English Baccalaureate.

12 Points to consider (5)  Be aware of the changing national approach towards qualifications- greater rigour & higher standards.  Taking examinations at the end of a two year course with no opportunities to re-sit is very different to taking a number of smaller examinations over the course of two years with the opportunity to re-sit.

13 Points to consider (6)  Be aware of how you will be assessed in each of your subjects.  Assessment outside of the examination room-what, how & value.  In school examinations in Year 10 & mock examinations in Year 11.

14 CONCLUSION (1)  Have some idea of where you are heading-the conversation must start now.  This the beginning of a four year process where you will make a series of choices which will ultimately determine your working life.

15 CONCLUSION (2)  Keep in mind the sixth form entry requirements-A GCSE grade A or A* in the subjects that you wish to study at A-Level.  Remember that with the move to two year linear A-Level courses your GCSE results will assume greater importance in your university application.

16 CONCLUSION (3)  Be honest with yourself  Discuss widely  Put in the time  Take ownership

17 CONCLUSION(4) Approaching this process as advised will enhance your chances of securing at least an “A” grade and hopefully better in all of your subjects.

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