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S4/5 Option Choice Parents’ Information Evening Tuesday 29 January 2013 Lanark Grammar School.

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1 S4/5 Option Choice Parents’ Information Evening Tuesday 29 January 2013 Lanark Grammar School

2 Context Meeting student needs through our range of provision: Courses Units, experiences, involvement, leadership, contribution Support: universal; targeted; and key adult Our expectations

3 Lanark Grammar School Focus Qualifications Skills Attributes 4 Capacities: Successful learner Confident individual Responsible citizen Effective contributor

4 Lanark Grammar School The curriculum Core Qualifications Focus Experience Focus English Mathematics Core PE Religious & Moral Education Social Education Targeted & specific: Employment Training College University Skill development Specific experiences Leadership Skills for Learning, Life and Work Competences

5 Lanark Grammar School Workload and Competition 5 Courses in S5 Maximising attainment and achievement ‘Dropping’ subjects ‘Free time’

6 Lanark Grammar School Progression Full range of experiences from Access 1 to Advanced Higher. Appropriate progression: at the same level but in different contexts for learning; or at a higher level.

7 Lanark Grammar School Grade Point Average (GPA) SQA Research GPA of 1.00-2.005 Highers Post preliminary examination analysis to inform course levels and overall focus Consider Standard Grade elements – not all are assessed at Higher

8 Lanark Grammar School Unit and course construction Units 40 hours Internal assessment NAB Test: Pass or fail Course 3 x 40 hrs= 120 hrs Revision/ = 40 hrs Consolidation Total= 160 hrs With exception of Access 1, 2 and 3: External assessment graded at A, B, and C

9 Lanark Grammar School Assessment Internal Assessment External Course Assessment A B C D No award Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3

10 Lanark Grammar School Social Education Essential aspect of Upper School provision Timetabled for ASN pupils Inserts for wider school and ASN Focus on… Careers, Health and Wellbeing, finance, driving road safety

11 Lanark Grammar School Upper School Agreement Students, subject teachers, Principal Teachers Pupil Support/ASN, Senior Management Team Discussion, negotiation and agreement to set: Focussed targets relating to: academic – courses, units, achievements career related – work experience/shadowing Progress monitored through Tracking and Full Reports, ongoing communication, Parents’ Evenings etc

12 Lanark Grammar School Process Discussions/liaison/partnership Students Parents Teachers Principal Teachers Pupil Support and ASN Skills Development Scotland (Kay Wilkie) Upper School Booklet Research - responsibility

13 Lanark Grammar School Column AColumn BColumn CColumn DColumn E English, Modern Studies, Sports Leadership + School Involvement, Paired Reading + School Involvement Business Management, History, Mathematics Administration, Biology, Computing, Drama, French, History, Physics Art & Design, Biology, Graphic Communication, Hospitality, Information Systems, Latin, Music, Physics, Practical Craft Art & Design, Accounting, ASDAN + Personal Development, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Geography, German, Physical Education

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