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Owls Class information

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1 Owls Class information
Welcome to Year 1 Owls Class information

2 Who are we? Mrs Michelle Palmer – class teacher
LSA’s – Mrs Sarah Horton, Mrs Ruth Fountain, Mr Greg Tompkins, Mrs Tori Luik and Mrs Helen Palmer PPA cover on Thursday afternoons

3 Timetable Our timetable is not rigid but serves as a guide line for each day. During the day we have a mixture of whole class sessions, small group work with a teacher, group work with another adult and independent learning tasks. The number and duration of adult led tasks will increase during the year.

4 Our timetable

5 Every day - Each day there will be a maths session, a phonic session and a reading session There will be a teacher led task and tasks supported by LSA’s There will be a range of other tasks and activities, some of which are compulsory

6 Guided Reading time We have guided reading groups
A group listening to stories on computers or CDs A group practising handwriting/phonics A group sharing books in the book corner

7 Reading at home Share books daily. Children can change their reading book each day. Comment in reading record book; these will be looked at on Fridays and mid week if possible. Sometimes children will bring home a ‘free choice’ book, other days it will be guided so that it will be at a level they can read.

8 Writing Some form of writing daily Regular handwriting practise
Applying phonic knowledge Differentiated expectations; must, should, could Support and building independence Writing at home; meaningful, in context, reinforce letter formation

9 Maths Daily whole class mental/oral sessions
Lots of encouragement to participate Practical activities, games and use of IWB Some recording, increasing during the year A focused, teacher led maths task each week

10 Maths at home Lots of practical opportunities rather than asking them ‘sums’ Measuring, patterns, money, time Problem solving and reasoning; how do we know how many to get, how long is it until..., can we make sure it will fit, have we got enough.....???? How do you know? Use number line and 100 square

11 Other areas Topic based curriculum – Our Island Home.
Teaching and learning stems from a key question. A range of activities and whole class sessions to deliver other subjects Activities available throughout the week; such as painting, playdough, construction, role play, sand, computers There are still set sessions – PE, ICT, Library

12 Groups Reading groups writing groups maths groups,
ICT and Library groups Enrichment groups

13 PE Wednesday afternoon, Friday morning No jewellery or hard headbands
Long hair tied up, hair must not hang forwards Earrings removed Shorts, t-shirt & trainers Coats, boots, jogging trousers for OAA; will be requested in advance

14 Please name everything!
We have lots of black jumpers! Lots of PE kits! Lots of clothes which look the same as yours!

15 Home Learning Sheet Will come home on Friday. The date for returning home learning will be on the sheet. Various sections to complete or it could be an ongoing project Some will be regular maths and phonics and other sections will be based on our topics Don’t forget to name them!

16 Odds and ends Healthy snacks for break time
Water in bottles available all day Dinner money on Mondays Other money in envelope, named and labelled with purpose Encouraging independence; dressing & undressing, taking care of own possessions Day begins at 10 to 9 for the register. If doors are closed, you will need to go to the office to sign in.

17 School/home liaison Parent-teacher consultation evenings Open days
Reading record book To talk at other times, pop in after we have seen the children off at 3.30 (Wednesday usually Staff meetings) Send a note or phone to arrange a time to chat We will see you as soon as we can! 10 to 9 is not the best time! (Use a post it note) Play dates – send in a note

18 Rewards Catching children being good
Reinforcing good behaviour and learning behaviours Certificates/Stickers/Worker of the Day Traffic Light System Missing some play time or Golden Time

19 Year 1 is fun! Come & See! Work with the children
Supervise art or DT activities Listen to readers Help with cooking Join us for trips or walks Please, please help me!! Prepare resources Help with displays Set up a role play area Share your special talents!

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