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Welcome to the simplest way to create financial independence today!

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1 Welcome to the simplest way to create financial independence today!
New Ways Today Welcome to the simplest way to create financial independence today! Using 4 easy steps Get a team of 5 people. All of you agree and COMMIT a small weekly sum into your future. Place an order & then sample our products. Teach others these simple steps. (Duplication)

2 Commitment COMMITMENT! Before we go any further. Let’s be clear!
Our System Requires NO SELLING The main word to remember is COMMITMENT! If you follow our system and commit, you will get PAID! No tricks or fast talk, just a solid long term investment in your future! We eliminate the guess work!

3 The Company The Company that will help you gain success through our system is Neways International. Neways is a network marketing company that stands at the forefront of product innovation. Neways has expanded around the globe. Neways operates in 29 countries, with more than 500,000 independent distributors around the world. The company is debt free and revenues are approaching two-thirds of a billion dollars. . Led by CEO Eric Larsen, Neways is positioned to grow and prosper with our lucrative business opportunity and unequaled product line.

4 Who Can Do This Business?
Everyone! Once you put a team of 5 people together There is no limit to how much money you can make No limits on how many teams you can recruit. No Selling Required. The main thing to remember is Commitment is #1 Once your team starts growing, your teams commitment to the business will determine your success. It’s like car insurance – if you pay it you’re covered. Don’t pay it and you lose coverage!

5 Who Needs This Business
People that say I would but I don’t have time. People working weird hours Families needing a little extra at the end of the month to make ends meet. Young people looking for innovative ways to secure their future. Single parents needing that edge to make the family life better. Church’s & other Charitable organizations looking for consistent long term contributions. Note: Even having people in your team that only want to invest and not be part of the growing of the business is great. We will explain why later on.

6 Our System V Traditional MLM
First of all lets compare our system to traditional Multi Level Marketing. Yes it is through working with a MLM Company Yes there is product involved Yes when you reach certain levels your team gets paid. The Difference is: We only focus on your team committing to a small weekly amount and sticking to it. THE INVESTMENT PART IS THE KEY! There is no need to sell the product for our plan to be successful. Just from your team teaching others to stick to the plan and sample the product monthly in your own home you can become very successful! There are not many businesses that reward you for investing your own money in your own home! Our system gives your team the power of leverage. You’re not on your own trying to build an empire with no experience or support. You’re part of our global team where we all share the vision and celebrate the success!

7 The Plan – How It Works Your team of 5 
You put together a team of 5 committed & like minded members. Then depending on what country you are in agree to the level of commitment. The minimum for USA should be $7.50 per week and Australia $10.00 per week per team member. When you place an order at the end of the month for $150 USA and $200 Aus the company will send you roughly 10%, which is not that exciting, until you help 10 other groups of 5 committed people get started and then they place their order at the end of the month for 10 x $150 = $1500 then your bonus check is about $160. Now your investment is paying off. At this level you receiving your monthly investment back into the team and you will keep getting it as long as your committed. Your team of 5 

8 Next Level  
Now that you have your first team of 10 lets look at What happens when they teach 10 groups of 5 to repeat the success method. That ‘s 10 groups x 10 = 100 groups.  Your group of 10 places an order of $1500  Then their 10 groups of 10 place an order that’s 100 x = $15,000 in your group volume Which means Neways will Send your group a bonus check for about $ – which equals $330 per team member Now your $30 to $40 investment has jumped 10 fold!

9 Level 3  Now let’s take this to the 3rd level. You now have
 Now let’s take this to the 3rd level. You now have Your group of 10 groups of 5 = 10 Your 10 groups have 10 = 100 Their group of 100 get 10 groups ea = 1000 You now have 1,100 groups in your down line. Placing an order for 1,100 x = $165,000 worth of group volume your business has generated. That means Neways will send your group about $16, bonus check. That is $3,300 per team member. This is when it becomes life changing!

10 Level 4 Big Life Changes On the 4th level your total team down line is now 10,000 groups of 10. (1000 groups of 10 getting 10 groups of 5 members each) 1000 x 10 = 10,000 Now 10,000 groups x $150 = $1,500,000 group volume. Your Group Volume is $1,500,000 and your Group Bonus Check from Neways is about $150, each team member is now earning a income of $30,000 per month. Now you’re building real success Peter Anton & Marie France (above) We travel all over the world helping people learn the power of leverage. Everyone can achieve success, all you need is the right tools & commitment. Come join us start your New Ways Today Business Now!

11 Choosing Your Team! Choosing your team is crucial to your success. We recommend choosing people that you know share your vision. This way everyone understands the commitment. This puts you on the fast track the quickest. Remember this business is for everyone. You may have a team member that you can only count on for his or her weekly contribution! Use this to your advantage and then recruit others that want to help spread the word. Then you know the groups finances are covered, and the rest of you can get on with building the new teams.

12 or see the person that gave you this presentation
Success By the 4th level you have reached not only local success, now you can do business globally. You also have a few new things happening in your life. The friend that told you it will never work now wants in! You’re now are aware that the company has some really good products. You will by now have some sort of retail business from family and friends wanting the product. You are living much better and life is great! All that’s left is just meet up with one of the New Ways Today Team and find out what you need to get started today! or see the person that gave you this presentation

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