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2 Option # 1 – Purchase either (1) Founding Unit or Multiple Founding Units or Option # 2 – Sign up for FREE as a Referring Founder YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE AN INKWAY USA FOUNDER! We are selling 400 Founding Units at $1,000 each 2 Plans to choose from…

3 And to build a team with a vested interest in spreading the word about InkWay USA, making us successful for many generations ! WHY ARE WE GIVING YOU THIS OPPORTUNITY ? To finish raising capital needed to launch InkWay USA

4 WHY WILL WE BE SUCCESSFUL ? Estimated 6.5 million affiliate network marketers in the United States alone ! Companies like… Amway Avon Melaleuca Herbalife … have grown to over 100,000 distributors in a very short amount of time ! Maybe you were a part of one of these companies

5 NOW, THINK ABOUT THE PRODUCT WE ARE OFFERING… Is INK a product pretty much everyone uses ? Point is … If other companies were successful with the products they have, WE CAN BE TOO !

6 HERE IS WHY WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL WITH OUR PARTICULAR PRODUCT… HUGE Market for Ink ! ! ! o 1.7 Billion Ink Jet cartridges sold worldwide each year ! o Over $30 Billion spent worldwide ! o 1 ½ cartridges are sole for every man, women & child in North America alone every year ! o Over $15 Billion spent each year just in the USA ! o 275 Billion digital photos are taken in the USA every year ! o People love printing their photos, which consumes ink !


8 With a tried & true, easy to duplicate, viral presentation on EVERY distributors website! By using a new, extremely viral marketing technology called Internet Video Overlay (IVO) marketing. IVO HAS BEEN SHOWN TO INCREASE COMPANY SALES OVER 400% !!! This is where people actually walk out on your customers computer screen to present everything to them. It gives your customer a call-to-action and closes the sale for you so you dont have to. The only thing you do is get your prospects to the web page. Everything else is handled for you !

9 WE WILL OFFER A PLAN FOR MARKETING TOOLS SUCH AS SQUEEZE & CAPTURE PAGES ALONG WITH THE OPTION FOR SEO MARKETING TO DRIVE TRAFFIC & POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS TO THESE PAGES WHERE OUR VIRAL IVO PRESENTATION WILL TAKE OVER FROM THERE We are literally going to make it so easy for distributors to where they just pick out one of many templates for their squeeze page and either drive traffic to it, if they know how, or literally be able to write a check to have traffic driven to their page, if they dont know how. It will be so easy ANYONE will be able to utilize this system !

10 WE ARE ABOUT TO LAUNCH A MAJOR TV COMMERCIAL & MASS-MEDIA CAMPAIGN TO BRAND THE INKWAY USA NAME. This will help our distributors by making InkWay USA a recognizable name to their prospects & eventual customers We will distribute profits from all sales generated by this campaign back to our distributors, thus generating a massive amount of company excitement ! More to come on this soon after we launch !

11 ANOTHER MAJOR REASON WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IS… By contracting with 10 & only 10 big–time, heavy–hitting network marketers, who will be our Founding Forefathers responsible for each building an organization of 10,000 InkWay USA distributors. These 10 Founding Forefathers will be paid very good royalties for the rest of their lives for helping all of us by facilitating company growth. 10 Founding Forefathers x 10,000 distributor organizations each = 100,000 Distributors

12 SO…

13 Two Options, become a founder or sign-up for FREE as a Referring Founder

14 REFERRING FOUNDERS RECEIVE $100 commisson for every Founding Unit purchased by a personally sponsored Founder

15 FOUNDERS RECEIVE A LOT MORE… There are 400 Founding Units available for purchase at $1,000 each. To become a founder you purchase (1) or more Founding Units


17 4 InkWay USA Refill Systems per founding units purchased, which they can use themselves or for resale. (Valued at $180.00 each= $4,800.00 worth of inkjet refills)

18 Founders will automatically be qualified as an Elite distributor at InkWay USA Launch, Qualified to receive full commissions at the start of launch.

19 Founders will have life-long qualification status within the InkWay USA comp plan. (Without having to purchase or sell a refill system every quarter like other distributors will have to)

20 NOW HERES THE EXCITING PART! Founders will share 20% of company profits the following way....... Pool A + 2.5% -Founding units 1 - 100 will share in Pools A, B, C & D Pool B + 2.5%-Founding units 101 - 200 will share in Pools B, C & D Pool C + 2.5%-Founding units 201 - 300 will share in Pools C & D Pool D + 2.5%-Founding units 301 - 400 will share in Pool D Example: Assuming a $20 million company profit x 2.5% = $500,000 per pool Pool A = $500,000 / 100 (Units 1 – 100) = $5,000 per Founding Unit Pool B = $500,000 / 200 (Units 1 – 200) = $2,500 per Founding Unit Pool C = $500,000 / 300 (Units 1 – 300) = $1,600 per Founding Unit Pool D = $500,000 / 400 (Units 1 – 400) = $1,250 per Founding Unit Founding Units 1 - 100 would earn $10,350 per unit (Pool A+B+C+D) Founding Units 101 - 200 would earn $ 5,350 per unit (Pool B+C+D) Founding Units 201 - 300 would earn $ 2,850 per unit (Pool C+ D) Founding Units 301 - 400 would earn $ 1,250 per unit (Pool D)

21 REALLY EXCITING PART! All commissions on personally referred Founding Units from the Founding Unit profit pools are matched 100%!!! Example: If you personally referred a Founder who earned $10,350 in the Founding Unit profit pools, you would also earn $10,350!

22 ADDED MILESTONE Founders will receive 150% commission for their own personally purchased units. = $1,500 commission earned on each $1,000 Founding Unit Paid the following way… Founding Units 1 - 100 will be paid in full at $1,500 per unit after the 20,000 th distributor is enrolled Founding Units 101 - 200 will be paid in full at $1,500 per unit after the 40,000 th distributor is enrolled Founding Units 201- 300 will be paid in full at $1,500 per unit after the 60,000 th distributor is enrolled Founding Units 301 - 400 will be paid in full at $1,500 per unit after the 80,000 th distributor is enrolled

23 ADDED MILESTONE BONUS #2 50% commissions paid for personally referred Founders units. = $500 commission earned on each $1,000 Founding Unit Paid in 4 increments the following way… $125 paid once the 20,000th distributor is enrolled $125 paid once the 40,000th distributor is enrolled $125 paid once the 60,000th distributor is enrolled $125 paid once the 80,000th distributor is enrolled For a total of $500 commission paid per unit on personally referred Founders

24 IMMEDIATE COMMISSION $100 commission per unit for personally referred Founders.

25 Making the world, and your pockets a lot GREENER


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