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An Example. STEP #1 Sign up for FREE at

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1 An Example

2 STEP #1

3 Sign up for FREE at

4 By signing up for FREE That will make sure you Receive credit $20 for Everyone you get to join A bidders pool And….. That allows you to be in position to buy and/or sell on the website.

5 Say, you want to sell your house for $200,000 1.Contact your real estate agent 2.Make sure $200,000 will cover 100% of what you owe on the house (encumbrance)

6 Sign up to sell at

7 1.Pay your $197 2.Make sure your agent fills out a purchase agreement (local Realtor agreement…with the contingency clause to fill the bidders pool) 3.Buyer is: Champ Funding, Inc. 4.Sales Price: You and your agent determine ( Example $200,00.00) 5.Earnest : Zero 6.Financing: None - CASH 7.Contingencies (See all on site-Bidders pool full) 8.Close of Escrow: 15 days or less Send signed agreement to:

8 Have your agent send: Pictures Property Information etc. So RE Champ can produce your individual property web site

9 RE Champ creates a website for your property

10 After you receive your property web site back ( usually 3 business days) Promote your house! Remember, you want the pool to fill quickly

11 With the $200,000 EXAMPLE Champ Funding buys house for $200,000.00 cash contingent on filling bidders pool 100% FULL PRICE OFFER

12 With the $200,000 EXAMPLE To fill the pool: 6286 bidders are needed 200,000 x 1.1 /35

13 Seller gets there money from escrow Sales price$200,000 Less: seller agent comm (3%) $ 6,000 possible buyer agent(3%)$ 6,000 marketing fee (1%) $ 2,000 estimated pre-paids(3%) $ 6,000 Estimated closing fees(2%) $ 4,000 $176,000 to cover encumbrances and give Proceeds to the seller *Which is more than a normal net now

14 If the winning bidder has no agent you do not pay the 3% and save $6,000 The commission rate with you and your agent is determined by the two of you Escrow fees will vary state to state, and company to company Pre-paids (taxes & insurance) will vary on every house You Could Save EVEN more…

15 Now those 6286 bidders are involved in a 24 hour no minimum auction based on monthly payment. The auction price is set by the sellers agent based on a market analysis For our example lets say the amount is set at $150,000 RE Champ can sell a house for less than we buy it, because the bidders pay off the initial seller, and the agent sets the market value.

16 The bidding is NO MINIMUM and in $10 increments based on MONTHLY PAYMENT You could win a house for $10 a month but, not likely. Some one else will be $20 and so on……….

17 Lets sayyou have the winning bid and it is………… $500 monthly Congratulations! You automatically receive: 0% interest fixed loan No Credit requirements No Down Payment 100% lifetime guaranteed You just need to bring your ID and your first months payment to the closing

18 You would pay $500 monthly + taxes and insurance at 0% interest $200,000 / $500 = 400 months And every month you would be paying the principle down by $500. FULL PAYMENT GOES TO THE PRINCIPLE…NO INTEREST In 33.33 years your house would be 100% paid off

19 Sales price$150,000$200,000 Monthly pay * $ 500 $ 1,074 Total paid $150,000$386,512 YOU SAVE $ 236,512 over life of loan You are buying at 39% (better than the big money trusts. RE Champ Traditional Monthly payment is P & I (principle & interest) Payment for traditional loan is based on a 30 yr fixed 5% loan. Weigh Your Options

20 What if you do not have the winning (highest) bid? You are out the $69 non-refundable bidders fee. But, you can join another pool for another House for another opportunity to save big on a new house…PLUS

21 You can make $20 for every person you get to sign up for a bidders pool and potentially a $5,000.00 bonus Find out more at…

22 There is a New Way a Better Way! The RECHAMP WAY

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