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Chief Sales Officer Rodney James.

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1 Chief Sales Officer Rodney James

2 IBO must maintain a 4-week
Banking Volume IBO must maintain a 4-week rolling volume of 100PV in order to bank volume

3 New Silver

4 Silver2 Bonus Phase out December 3rd 2011
Reallocating money into 2nd level QuickStart

5 QuickStart Enroller Payout
100PV AutoShip 200PV 1st Level 10% of first order volume 20% 2nd Level - 5% Con – this will drag on the EMB Reduce CV that goes to rest of comp plan

6 15% Payout on 50% Raise at Diamond! Lesser Leg 10% Payout on

7 OLD: Executive Matching Bonus (EMB)
NEW: Executive Generation Bonus (EGB)

8 Executive Generation Bonus
To become EGB qualified an IBO must: Achieve Gold rank for commission week Generation defined as Silver Pro Here are the EMB Rules 1.   We have created the ECM which allows you to earn a bonus up to the first $2,500 of the team bonuses paid to distributors in your personal enrollment tree and to the distributors in their respective personal enrollment trees. 2.      Weekly ECM bonuses cannot exceed 25% of the GV of your placement tree's lesser volume leg. This is Monavie’s Leadership Bonus – may help us model out the Master Pool we discussed. We have reserved 2.5% of our total company enrollment tree volume for our Blue Diamond Executives and above. In this group, you may earn shares in the MonaVie Leadership Pool based on your “Paid as” rank from the sales volume generated through your personal enrollment tree legs. Shares are allocated by determining the highest “paid as” rank per enrollment tree leg. You must be 200-active, qualified, and “paid as” a Blue Diamond to earn this bonus.

9 EGB Generation Payout Gold Platinum Platinum Pro Diamond Exec. Diamond
Presidential Diamond Royal Diamond & Above 200PV p.s. 4 p.s. 6 p.s. 8 p.s. 12 p.s. 16 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation Add 200 PV line as a requirement Cap EMB earnings per person at $2500

10 = FREE AUTOSHIP! + 3 Customers = Free AutoShip YOU 3 FRIENDS
$160 retail 100PV = FREE AUTOSHIP! (IBO pays for shipping) + $160 retail 100PV $160 retail 100PV 100PV What is the retail price of the products for these wholesale customers YOU 3 FRIENDS

11 3 Customers = Free AutoShip
In order for an IBO to receive a free AutoShip, the following requirements must be met: IBO must be on monthly AutoShip IBO must have at least 3 personal customers that month. The total volume of the 3 or more personal customers must be at least 3 times the PV of the IBOs personal AutoShip.



Platinum Bonus $300/month Platinum Pro Bonus $500/month Crown Diamond Bonus $1,000

15 Your New Year Resolution!
Get your product for FREE! Keys to your NEW CAR! 50% raise at Diamond



18 Qivana Car Program *see website for details RANK CAR BONUS* Platinum
$300 per month Platinum Star Platinum Pro $500 per month Diamond Executive Diamond $500 for 6 months Presidential Diamond $750 for 6 months Crown Diamond $1,000 for 6 months *see website for details

19 15% Payout for Diamonds & Above
15% Lesser Leg Payout for each week an IBO is paid as: Diamond Executive Diamond Presidential Diamond Royal Diamond Crown Diamond *10,000 team commission max rule applies

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