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Miss Graves, Mrs Martin, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Linton

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1 Miss Graves, Mrs Martin, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Linton
Year 1 and 2 talk Miss Graves, Mrs Martin, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Linton

2 Classes Brazil with Mrs Harrison
Gambia with Miss Graves and Mrs Martin India with Mrs Linton

3 All lessons Children have been put in to groups within their classes according to the progress they made last year so that they are consolidating and building on what they already know.

4 Reading Books and book bags need to be in school everyday.
When books need changing there is a designated place in each class room and books will be changed on Monday and Thursdays only. Please remind your child to put their book in the right place if it needs changing, first thing in the morning. In addition to individual readers we also have shared and guided reading each week.

5 Reading at home. Please try to hear your child read and read to your child every day. Read a variety of literature together including books from the Coxheath library. When you read with your child please make a note of the page read to and a comment in the yellow reading record book. Your child will bring home a school library book on a Monday which they will be able to keep until the following week. This is a book for you to share.

6 Basic reading skills: Here are some skills to help your child read.
If you get stuck on a word: Sound it out – this means saying each sound slowly then blending them together. Try missing the unknown word out of the sentence and carry on. What could it be? Look at the pictures for clues. Think about what has happened in the story so far. Remember to use the letter sounds rather than the letter names.

7 Homework We expect you to read with your child daily for a minimum of 10 minutes. We expect you to write in your child’s reading record and make a comment on the reading that has taken place. In a few weeks we will be sending home a phonics book. Year 1 = a weekly phonic update. Year 2 = a phonics investigation. Given on a Wednesday due on a Monday.

8 P.E Children must not wear earrings on P.E days, as adults in school are not allowed to remove earrings or put tape on ears. (Please remember that other jewellery should not be worn in school anyway.) If you intend to get your child’s ears pierced please do so at the beginning of the summer holidays so that children don’t miss P.E.

9 P.E Days Gambia: Monday and Wednesday India: Monday and Thursday
Brazil: Tuesday and Thursday

10 Curriculum In order to make our curriculum more creative and exciting we have a cross curricular theme for each term. These are: We are Britain Traditional tales Countries and culture Light and dark Carnival of animals Changes

11 What you can do at home Talk to children about what they have done at school. Find out more about the theme at home – tell us what you’ve found out. Bring things in to do with the theme e.g. books, photos, models. Practise maths skills, such as - counting, times tables.

12 Additional information
Please make sure that all children’s items are clearly labelled with their full name and current class. If there are any problems please let us know by calling in after school or sending a note in to arrange an appointment in the home/school book. It is impossible to see parents first thing in the morning. If your child has been physically sick please keep them off school for at least 48 hours after the last symptoms. If your child has nits please treat their hair before coming to school and inform their class teacher. This is an ongoing problem so please check your child's hair frequently.

13 We hope your child will have a very happy and successful year.
Thank you! Please do not hesitate to let us know if your child is having any problems. We hope your child will have a very happy and successful year.

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