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Good Morning! Welcome to Year 1 Free to Achieve!.

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1 Good Morning! Welcome to Year 1 Free to Achieve!

2 Our Team 1A Mrs Ayling 1N Miss Newman Nurture Room/HI – Miss Randall

3 Bits and Pieces! PE - Please do label PE kit, Jewellery not to be worn. Uniform – Please do label, things get lost! Start of day – children can arrive from 8.45, the school day starts at 8.55 prompt Early morning work Homework will be sent out on a Friday and to be back on Wednesday Aprons – old shirts please! Water bottles

4 More bits and bobs! Someone else collecting your child. School bag size.

5 Behaviour Traffic light system Missing parts of play to finish work Praise, Silver cards, gold cards, stickers Gold Silver Bronze Green is good! Yellow – time out in class Orange – Time out in another class Time out and the missing of a playtime

6 Nuture Room Extra class every morning. Selected children. Improve learning skills.

7 Phonics in Year 1 National assessment in June Pass rate Check Year 1 blog.

8 Reading Please ensure reading books are in school everyday Listen to your child read every day Ensure they read the title of the book before starting Ask your child questions about what they are reading Changing own reading books throughout the week Encourage your child to read all around them School Library Visit – once a week

9 Writing Key skills Independence Capital letters Full stops Finger spaces Wow words Making sense! How you can help…. Writing for purpose Encourage your child to write for example A shopping list Letters Diary To do list!

10 Maths To recognise numbers to at least 50 To be able to add and take away confidently in their head Numberbonds to 10 1 more/less, 10 more/less than a number Odd and evens How you can help…purposeful maths Measuring items, telling the time, looking at receipts, counting money, shopping Quick Maths games

11 And Finally….. Talking with us….please do! At the end of the day – please wait a few minutes until the majority of the children have been safely dismissed Welcome to call the school office to make an appointment Thank you for coming today


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