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Los pronombres después de preposiciones

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1 Los pronombres después de preposiciones
Español I

2 Pronouns after Prepositions
Pronouns can stand for the same noun yet still have different forms, depending on how they’re being used in the sentence. Yo soy Javier. Tengo quince años y me gusta dibujar. Both the pronouns, yo and me stand for Javier.

3 Pronouns after Prepositions
You already know subject pronouns and the pronouns used with gustar. Pronouns have a different form when they come after prepositions, such as: a (to) de (of, from, about) con (with) en (in, on, at). Yo Nosotros(as) Me Nos Vosotros(as) Te Os Él/ella/usted Ellos/ellas/ustedes Le Les

4 Pronouns after Prepositions
English Subject pronouns Pronouns used with Gustar Pronouns used after preposition I You He/she/you (formal) We You all (Spain) They Yo Él/ella/usted Nosotros(as) Vosotros(as) Ellos/ellas/ustedes Me Te Le Nos Os Les Ti Él/ella/usted Nosotros(as) Vosotros(as) Ellos/ellas/ustedes

5 Pronouns after Prepositions
The pronouns mí and ti combine with con to make the special forms conmigo and contigo. Quiero jugar al tenis contigo. I want to play tennis with you.

6 Pronouns after Prepositions
With gustar, the phrase formed by a and a pronoun can be added to a sentence to clarify or emphasize who likes something. ¿A ti te gusta dibujar? A mí no me gusta. A ella le gusta.

7 What are pronouns? Words that take the place of a noun
Words that describe a noun Words that tell the action the noun is doing [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

8 What types of pronouns have you learned?
Subject Indirect Object (the ones with Gustar) Pronouns after infinitives All of the above [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

9 How does the pronoun mí change when it comes after the preposition con?
It doesn’t change It becomes migo con It changes to migo and combines with con to become conmigo. [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

10 What does the preposition a mean?
To In From [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

11 What does the preposition con mean?
In or on To With [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

12 What does the preposition en mean?
In or on To From or of [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

13 What pronoun is used with the verb gustar to emphasize or clarify.
De En A

14 What do the pronouns Yo, Me, and Mí all mean?
I We

15 What do the pronouns Tú, Te, and Ti all mean?
You (informal, singular) You (informal, plural) You (formal, singular) [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]

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