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Gustar Verbo Gustar Verbo Gustar Verbo gustar.

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3 Gustar

4 Verbo Gustar

5 Verbo Gustar

6 Verbo gustar

7 Verbo gustar

8 Verbo gustar

9 (for clarification or emphasis)
Again, the verbs gustar, encantar, etc. are used exclusively with indirect object pronouns These are mandatory me te le nos os les (a mí) (a ti) (a usted) (a él) (a ella) (a nosotros) (a vosotros) (a ustedes) (a ellos) (a ellas) The prepositional forms are optional (for clarification or emphasis)

10 I like Spanish. Spanish is pleasing to me. Me gusta me gusta.
el español. El español It turns out, then, that the sentence in Spanish is exactly the reverse of that in English, in its sense, and also in its word order.

11 Me gustas (tú). You please me. (I like you.)
Of course, it is possible to use other forms. Gustas, for example is used frequently. Me gustas (tú). You please me. (I like you.) When gustar is used with one or more infinitives, only the third person singular is used. Me gusta leer. Me gusta leer, jugar fútbol, y viajar.

12 Verbo gustar versus me encanta

13 Verbo Gustar What to you like more? (What is more pleasing to you?)
¿Qué Te gusta más, bailar o cantar? (What do you like more? To dance or to sing?) Me gusta más bailar. (I like to dance more) No me gusta ni bailar ni cantar. (I don’t like to dance or sing) Me gustan las dos. (I like both) Me gusta bailar y me gusta cantar

14 Since most of the things or people that please us are expressed in third person, the two forms of gustar that are used most commonly are gusta and gustan gusto gustas gusta gustamos gustáis gustan Nos gusta nadar. We like to swim No le gustan los libros. She (he) doesn’t like books.

15 Verbo Gustar

16 Verbo Gustar

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