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Commands Notes Powerpoint

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1 Commands Notes Powerpoint
¡Escucha como usar los mandatos! ©Spanishplans 2012

2 To tell someone to do something you always use an AFFIRMATIVE command aka positive command. This is different from a negative command which tells them NOT to do something. positive command = “drink the milk”, negative command= “don’t drink the milk” You use this with anyone you would address as tú (sibling, friend, parent to child). Usted commands are different.

3 A command tells someone to do something: Eat. Drink.
Remember, the infinitive means to do something, the tú forms means you do something. Ej. Comer = to eat. Comes = You eat. “Come” is the command which means “Eat” (Keep in mind that not every verb can be used as a command. Example: Poder)

4 For most verbs, in order to form the command you USE THE ______ PERSON _____________ CONJUGATION which is the ______, _________, ________ form. 3rd SINGULAR él ella usted The command, to tell someone to “TALK” would be Habla The command, to tell someone to “DRINK” would be Toma

5 ¡Qué fácil!, ¿no? Run! ____________ Rest! ____________
Write the command for the following words: Run! ____________ Rest! ____________ Study! ____________ Sing! ____________ Write! ____________ Dance! ____________ Cook! ____________ Cut! ____________ Mix! ____________ ¡Corre! ¡Descansa! ¡Estudia! ¡Canta! ¡Escribe! ¡Baila! ¡Cocina! ¡Corta! ¡Mezcla! ¡Qué fácil!, ¿no?

6 And of course…… Di Sé Haz Ve Pon Ten Ven Sal IRREGULAR COMMANDS
Decir Ser Hacer Ir Poner Tener Venir Salir Command______ _______ ________ ______ ______ _______ ______ y ______ Inglés _______ _______ ________ ______ _______ _______ ______ ______ Di Sé Haz Ve Pon Ten Ven Sal Say Be Do Go Put Have Come Leave Sung to Mary Had a Little Lamb “Di Sé Haz Ve, Pon Ten Ven, Pon Ten Ven, Pon Ten Ven. Di Sé Haz Ve Pon Ten Ven, Pon Ten Ven y SAL! Es el cordero de Mary.

1) Hacer la tarea ___________________________ 2) Ir a la clase todos los días ___________________________ 3) Salir de la casa ___________________________ 4) Venir conmigo a la clase ___________________________ 5) Ser buen estudiante ___________________________ 6) Tener cuidado ( to be careful ) ___________________________ 7) Poner la mesa ___________________________ 8) Decir la verdad (truth) ___________________________

8 Negative Commands To state the don’ts- negative (tú) commands
Switch the –as ending to –es and the –es endings to –as STATEMENT COMMAND (tú) fumas ¡No fumes! Don’t smoke! (tú) corres ¡No corras! Don’t run! (tú) duermes ¡No duermas! Don’t sleep!

9 Let’s work on negative commands…
Don’t buy pizza!... Verb comprar Put comprar in the tú form= compras Change the –as to –es= compres ¡No compres la pizza!

10 Let’s work on negative commands…
Don’t open the door!... Verb abrir Put abrir in the tú form= abres Change the –es to –as= abras ¡No abras la puerta!

11 Let’s work on negative commands…
Don’t drink soda!... Verb beber Put beber in the tú form= bebes Change the –es to –as= bebas ¡No bebas los refrescos!

12 Verbs with spelling changes…
There are several verbs that change spelling when made into negative commands to keep their sound… 1. Jugar- ¡No juegues! - g changes to gue to keep the hard g sound 2. Verbs ending in –car like Practicar - ¡No practiques! -c changes to a que to keep the hard k sound

13 Let’s work on negative commands…
These next verbs have spell changes… Either g changes to gue OR c changes to a que Don’t play in the house! - Verb jugar- in tú form = juegas - Change –as to –es and remember spelling change!= juegues ¡No juegues en la casa!

14 Let’s work on negative commands…
Don’t arrive late! ¡No llegues tarde! Don’t touch the piano! -Verb tocar in tú form = tocas -Change –as to –es and remember the spelling change!= toques ¡No toques el piano!

15 Te toca a ti… Eat more fruit! ¡Come más frutas! Sleep 8 hours a day!
¡Duerme ocho horas al día!

16 Te toca a ti… Don’t run in the house! ¡No corras en casa!
Don’t open the book! ¡No abras el libro!

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