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Doler To hurt.

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1 Doler To hurt

2 Doler – to hurt Doler is a 2-form verb like gustar. We only use 2 forms . Remember? Te gusta la manzana. Te gustan las manzanas.

3 Indirect Object Pronouns + 2 form verb
Doler (o-ue): We only use duele + duelen. The thing causes the pain….agrees with doler, NOT the person. So, if the hand hurts me, it’s: Me duele la mano. Ind. obj. subject If the hands hurt me, it’s: Me duelen las manos. Ind. Obj. subject

4 It hurts  Me-to me Te-to you
Le-to him, her, you formal + duele el ojo. Les – to them or Nos – to us duelen las piernas.

5 Why duele or duelen? If something singular hurts, it’s duele.
If something plural hurts, it’s duelen. Doler agrees with the body part, NOT the person 

6 Le duele la oreja. His ear hurts him

7 Me duele el tobillo. . My ankle hurts me.

8 Le duele la garganta. Her throat hurts her.

9 Le duelen las piernas. His/Her legs hurt him/her.

10 Le duele la cara/cabeza. .
His face/head hurts him.

11 Nos duelen los ojos. Our eyes hurt us.

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