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El verbo Gustar.

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1 El verbo Gustar

2 Gustar = to be pleasing to
In English it’s translated to “I like” In English we say “I like dogs” In Spanish we say “ The dogs are pleasing to me” “Me gustan los perros” IOP VERB SUBJECT Yo tomo el chocolate caliente ( conjugate for “yo” because you are drinking the hot chocolate. You conjugate for the subject in the sentence. The subject is what/ who is doing the action.

3 There are TWO forms of GUSTAR
1. Gusta (refers to one object) 2. Gustan (refers to more than one object)

4 The verb gustar is conjugated to go with the thing you like,
which is actually the subject of the sentence. Me gustan los perros I like dogs

5 Ejemplos: Me gusta la pizza. (I like the pizza.)
Me gusta la pizza. (I like the pizza.) Me gustan las galletas. (I like cookies.)

6 Ejemplos: Me gusta la pizza. (I like the pizza.)
Me gusta la pizza. (I like the pizza.) Me gustan las galletas. (I like cookies.)

7 indirect object pronouns.
Gustar is used with indirect object pronouns. They refer to who is being pleased or who is being affected IOP (to …) me (me) te (you, familiar) le (you, formal/him/her) nos (us) os (you-Spain) Les (Them) Me gustan los perros Dogs are pleasing to me You need to know who is being pleased. For the example, to whom the dogs please With the verb gustar someone is being affected because it means to be pleasing to (who is the pleasing being done to)

8 To talk about likes and dislikes
with gustar … Use this formula! (indirect object pronoun) + form of gustar + what you like To say what you dislike just put NO in front of the IOP No me gustan los perros

9 There are 4 parts to forming a sentence with GUSTAR!
Backwards verbs!!

10 I like chocolate = I like the cats = 2. Form of GUSTAR
3. IOP 2. Form of GUSTAR 1. What you like, or what is doing the pleasing who is being pleased Me Te le Nos Os les Gusta el/la_______________ One object/ singular Gustan los/ las______________ More than one/ plural NO NAKED NOUNS! I like chocolate = Me gusta el chocolate I like the cats = Me gustan los gatos

11 Part 4 is used for clarification or emphasis!
Clarifies who is being pleased when using (le and les) a mí a ti *a él /ella/ Ud./ ______ a nosotros/ a ______ y a mí * a ellas/ ellos/ Uds. / a_______ y a ________ A mí me gusta el chocolate A ti te gusta el chocolate name A él le gusta el chocolate A Jenny le gusta el chocolate name Clarify le and les Yes, you are repeating yourself Mi= my Mí=met ti=you After a preposition use mí and ti A nosotros nos gusta el chocolate A Jenny y a Mike les gusta el chocolate

12 When you have two verbs together you use the singular form of GUSTAR
Me gusta bailar. (I like to dance) Me gusta bailar y cantar. (I like to dance and sing.)

13 Other verbs like GUSTAR
Encantar = to like very much (objects or thing )/ to love (inanimate objects) Me encanta la canción Disgustar= to displease/ to upset Me disgustan las noticias ncantar (conjugate⇒) verbo intransitivo (+ me/te/le etc): me encantó la obra I loved o I thoroughly enjoyed the play; me ~ía que me acompañaras I'd love you to come with me verbo transitivo to cast o put a spell on, bewitch Diccionario Espasa concise inglés-español © 2000 Espasa Calpe: encantar I vi (gustar mucho) to love: les encanta viajar, they love travelling su manera de recitar encantó al público, the audience were enraptured by his recital ➣ Ver nota en love II vt (embrujar) to bewitch, cast o put a spell on

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