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Ch. 4 Social Studies Review Canada What’s on the test?

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1 Ch. 4 Social Studies Review Canada What’s on the test?

2 Which region of Canada has more people and industries than any other? A)Arctic Islands B)St. Lawrence Lowlands C)British Columbia D)Canadian Shield

3 These provinces are known as Canada’s “heartland’ A) Nunavut & Yukon Territory B) Alberta & Manitoba C) Ontario & Quebec D) Nova Scotia & Newfoundland

4 People who remained loyal to the British during the American Revolution A)Native Canadians B)Europeans C)French D)Loyalists

5 The main economic activity of the Atlantic Provinces A)farming B)forestry C) mining D) fishing

6 Canada used protectionism A.To protect Canada’s resources B.To import more foreign goods C.To control Canada’s industries D.To protect Canada’s businesses

7 This is not a characteristic of Canada’s three territories A)Fertile soil is good for farming B)Low population C)No large cities D)Mining is a major economic activity

8 As a result of the French and Indian War A)The British gained control of New France B)Native Canadians gained more rights C)The French gained control of more land D)New France (Canada) became independent

9 Political subdivisions of Canada, like US states A)Provinces B)Territories C)Dominions D)Islands

10 Canada’s chief executive A)Monarch B)Parliament C)Loyalist D)Prime Minister

11 The Quebec Act… A)Required the French to pay taxes to Britain B)Permitted the French colonists to keep their own laws, language, and religion C)Gave French settlers free land D)Forbid the speaking of French

12 What is a territory? A)A division of Canada that doesn’t have the same governing rights as a province B)An area of land where the people only farm for a living C)An area of land where the people speak French D)Part of another country

13 Canada is self-governing because it is a A)Province B)Territory C)Dominion D)Prime Minister

14 This group of people did not migrate to Canada A)Asians B)French C)Spanish D)Inuit

15 Canada became dominion in 1867, but the British A)Ruled over foreign matters B)Settled disputes between the provinces C)Made sure its elections were fair D)Controlled Canada’s resources

16 Canada’s government is a A)Monarchy B)Constitutional republic C)Oligarchy D)Parliamentary democracy

17 The prime minister of Canada is elected by A)Parliament B)The British monarch C)The citizens of Canada D)The Supreme Court

18 This is not a feature of the Canadian shield A)rocky, poor soil B)Cold climate C)Rich land for farming D)Large horseshoe shaped region

19 The head of Canada’s government in name only A.The Prime Minister B.Parliament C.The British monarch D.The Supreme Court

20 Don’t forget to STUDY!!!

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